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Are you expecting in 2014? Did you just have your little bundle of joy? Know someone who’s pregnant or trying to conceive? Then this event is for you! Alex of Mommy’s Obsessions is expecting her second son this October and has created an event that is perfect for expectant mothers! Mommy’s Little Miracle is a Pregnancy, Newborn/Early Infancy, and Postpartum event that will be featuring everything from maternity clothing to newborn essentials, to postpartum products you must have! We highly recommend that you bookmark the open giveaway page by clicking on the image below then adding it to your bookmarks bar! Over the next three weeks you will have the chance to enter to win some amazing prizes from items for YOU and things for your little one!

Today Mommy’s Little Miracle is featuring a fabulous subscription box service that is not only perfect through your entire pregnancy, but for baby’s first year as well! We are very excited to introduce you to 21 Bundles!


About 21 Bundles

(As from their website)

“Each month, our new mothers receive a bundle tailored to the specific month of her pregnancy or new babies life. 21 Bundles is the baby of Jacqueline Cerone. Jacqueline is a pre and post-natal yoga instructor, post-partum doula, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor and nanny with over 17 years of childcare experience. She aspires and is on track to become a Naturopathic Physician. Her focus has always been about caring for children; from studying healthy nutrition, researching products and chemicals to best advise what to use and what to avoid, and anything to keep them safe, happy, and healthy! Not to worry moms and dads- her knowledge extends to you, too.

With 21 Bundles, Jacqueline saw an opportunity to share her findings and dedication for only the best, safest products with new mothers and soon-to-be mamas. Whether it be diaper cream (did you know the number one recommended brand is actually not recommended for use on damaged skin?), BPA-free toys or even sneaking mom a healthy candy indulgence, she has tirelessly investigated every stage of pregnancy and early motherhood to identify the right things for the right time.”Photo Credits: 21 Bundles

Subscription box services are a fairly new trend that has hit the market, and there are so many options to choose from whether you’re looking for a subscription beauty box, subscription pet box, or subscription baby box. One new trend that I am particularly interested in, is the subscription pregnancy box. I personally love to get things in the mail, so the idea of receiving a box full of surprise goodies once a month is particularly exciting for me – especially when you’re busy “growing a human” (as I like to say). The 9+ months of pregnancy seem to drag on, and unless you’re one of those women who is constantly busy 24/7, the time doesn’t always fly by. I know that for me personally, it’s nice to have some excitement during your pregnancy and while looking forward to your upcoming prenatal appointment is nice, it’s not the most exhilarating event. So why not subscribe to a monthly box of goodies catered to YOU and add some extra excitement into those nine months?

With 21 Bundles, that is exactly what you’re getting! My favorite thing about 21 Bundles is that when you subscribe, you immediately get the box catered to you. Are you 1 month pregnant? 6 months pregnant? No problem! Your 21 Bundles box will arrive with products that are geared toward your month of pregnancy. Once your pregnancy is over, your subscription box will then shift gears and cater to each month of your babies development throughout their first year! If you are lucky enough to be finding out about this fabulous service at the beginning of your pregnancy and you decide to subscribe, then you’ll be lucky enough to receive a total of 21 Bundles throughout the next 21 months!

When I first started chatting with 21 Bundles about the Mommy’s Little Miracle event, I was about to enter my 5th month of pregnancy, so when my box arrived it was catered to month #5! That particular box was geared toward “pampering myself” and featured an arrangement of products to help me pamper myself in the comfort of my own home! Thanks to 21 Bundles I discovered a new brand of shampoo and conditioner and have completely fallen in LOVE with it! There were also some other fabulous products for me to try out including a heartburn tea and a new body wash!

To see a full review of the 21 Bundles Subscription Box Service, use this link! 


To Purchase: Visit 21 Bundles and get your subscription box started today for only $39.99 with no commitment! *Other payment options available*

To Win: Mommy’s Obsessions and 21 Bundles have teamed up to give one lucky person a 1 month subscription box catered to their pregnancy or child’s age! Enter below for your chance to win!



The Giveaway will close late on the evening of August 16th. The winner will be chosen at random through  Giveaway Tools. The winner will be announced both on Giveaway Tools form as well as notified by email and announced on Mommy’s Obsessions Facebook. Winner must respond within 48 hours of receiving their winner’s email otherwise they will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be chosen. The winner will have their prize sent to them by 21 Bundles. Mommy’s Obsessions and other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize shipment. Must be 18 years and older. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. No Purchase Necessary. Void where prohibited by law. US Only. For any questions contact Mommy’s Obsessions. Mommys Obsessions did receive compensation or product in exchange for the promotion of this event. This blog did not receive compensation for the promotion of this event. 


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