11 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning

Maintaining workplace cleanliness creates a healthy working environment for your employees and helps businesses become more productive and efficient. Your business’s hygiene significantly impacts staff productivity, well-being, and performance.

Waste paper, leftover food, and cluttered desks are the most common things that contribute to creating a messy workspace. Failure to maintain cleanliness leads to a dirty, dusty environment with trash piles, untidy bathrooms, and unpleasant odors. This creates a bacteria and germs breeding ground, causing flu, colds, and other illnesses and resulting in high absenteeism rates, reduced productivity, interference with project schedules, reduced profits, high employee turnover rates, and more. In this article, we’ll outline 11 reasons why your business needs commercial cleaning.

1.    A great first impression

First impressions can make or break your business growth and profitability. A clean and inviting environment is the first thing customers and potential investors notice when they walk into your business premises. It reflects your business culture, personality, performance, and professionalism. Neglecting cleanliness may contribute to the loss of potential investors, contracts, or partnerships.

Hiring an effective cleaning service such as Mint Condition ensures clean, fresh, and spotless business premises to attract and retain customers and investors. They address dirt, unsanitary restrooms, dust, and everything else that might put off customers and prevent you from enjoying a consistently clean work environment.

2.    Improves employee performance and productivity

With a commercial cleaning service, your employees don’t have to waste valuable time maintaining office cleanliness, giving them more time to focus on their duties and responsibilities. You can even organize before or after-work cleaning services to avoid a disruptive workplace, increasing employee productivity. A clean, organized workspace creates a relaxing, comfortable working environment, improving performance.

3.    High standard cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies leverage advanced technologies, equipment, and products to offer you the best cleaning services possible. Regardless of your cleaning goals and needs, professional cleaners have the experience, skills, knowledge, and the right tools to ensure the job gets done perfectly. They clean floors, vacuum, dust, dispose of trash, clean windows, and more. Commercial cleaners pay special attention to high-traffic areas, ensuring they remain clean and safe for use. Thanks to their professionalism, commercial janitors are more efficient in their work than an in-house cleaning service, providing high-quality cleaning services.

4.    Promotes a healthy working environment

The workplace environment greatly impacts the health and happiness of employees. Untidy workspaces breed harmful bacteria and germs, causing various illnesses among your employees. Mold is another issue that can cause your staff to get sick from the spores released into the air.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service provides a healthy working environment for your workers. It concentrates on the dirtiest parts, including break room sink handles, refrigerator and microwave door handles, keyboards, vending machine buttons, and more. A healthy, clean workspace promotes good health and reduces employee absenteeism rates, increasing productivity and boosting your bottom line.

5.    Provides cleaner indoor air

Indoor air pollution occurs in a work environment with limited fresh air circulation. Some of the variables contributing to workplace indoor air pollution include using formaldehyde in furniture and carpets. You can start by storing food properly, cleaning fridges regularly to prevent odors, maintaining humidifiers and air purifiers, providing adequate ventilation, and consider using safe sanitizers, disinfectants, and cleaners to ensure clean air.

However, commercial cleaning would be a more effective option due to its cleaning techniques and products. You can also seek a cleaning service that uses green cleaning practices and products to ensure no chemical residues are left after cleaning, improving indoor air quality.

6.    It’s cost-effective

While commercial cleaning may seem costly initially, it saves you money in the long run. Hiring and managing an internal cleaning department requires a monthly budget, including employee salaries and benefits, training costs, and more. Having an in-house cleaning team means you have to invest in cleaning products and equipment, impacting your bottom line.

Commercial cleaning allows you access to a professional cleaning team, already trained and experienced. They come prepared with the necessary cleaning equipment and products, saving you wages and other cleaning costs and increasing business profits.

7.    Access to customized services

Commercial cleaning allows you to customize your service based on your needs, goals, and preference. You don’t have to stick to a routine that doesn’t serve your purpose. To access commercial cleaning that suits your expectations, consider creating a SPA (standard property appearance) document that explains to the cleaners what your expectations are based on your unique specifications to ensure they’re met. If you have special requirements for cleaning products, specify them to prevent employee allergies and promote green living.

8.    Saves time

A commercial cleaning service frees up your staff’s schedule, giving them sufficient time to focus on their projects. The hiring and training process of an in-house cleaning can be time-consuming, while professional cleaning companies already have trained staff ready for work. You can also arrange for after or before office time cleaning service that doesn’t disrupt your daily tasks, saving more time.

9.    Frees up storage space

Hiring professional cleaning services not only cleans your workspace, but also declutters and organizes, leaving you with more storage space. If you have cleaning equipment and products’ storage closets, consider repurposing them for functional tasks.

10.                       Protects your business from theft

Your business is your investment. Entrusting it to unreliable cleaners jeopardizes the safety of your valuable assets, including office equipment and software. Hiring a trusted, reputable professional cleaning service ensures your valuables are always in good hands.

11.                       Reduces the spread of disease

Contagious respiratory diseases such as rhinovirus, the common cold, influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, and others may keep your employees out of the office, slowing production. When infected employees come to work, the chances of infecting others are very high, increasing absenteeism. A deep commercial cleaning service ensures that your business environment is clean and healthy, reducing the spread of viruses and ensuring a healthy workforce. This reduces sick days and increases productivity.


Leaving your business cleaning needs to your employees may reduce their productivity and result in endless complaints about cleanliness. Consider hiring commercial cleaning to enjoy all the benefits it brings while maintaining a healthy working environment.

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