11 Essential Summer Vacation Packing Tips

11 Essential Summer Vacation Packing TipsPacking for travels is one of the least favorite parts of a trip. It’s time consuming trying to make sure you’ve packed everything and that you aren’t forgetting anything that you may need while on the trip. Trying to research it yourself takes even more of your time that you could be spending looking forward to your trip and telling everyone about it, so we came up with a comprehensive list of things you should definitely pack to make your summer trip the best it can be. Follow this guide and you’ll be on your way with no hassle and zero stress.


Packing clothing is one of the most important parts of packing for a trip. Just like you wouldn’t leave all of your clothes in your old home when you move to a new home, you wouldn’t leave your clothes at home during a trip either. Well, you might, but that wouldn’t be fun! For clothing you’re going to need to consider where you’re going to pack the right things. If you’re traveling somewhere that isn’t nearby you’ll want to check the weather. Once doing that and discovering what the weather will be like, start filtering through your clothes and decide what the best attire will be. If you’re going somewhere where it will be raining during your stay, you’ll want to pack light jackets so you can have rain resistance and still be cool enough for the humidity that will surely follow. Pack according to the weather and you’ll be set.

Another important thing to think about when packing your clothes is making sure that if anything goes wrong with them over the trip, such as tears and rips, you can easily put it back together. For this, be sure to purchase a kit to help you, such as the Embroidery Sewing combo (Check out a few of them here). It allows you to easily sew your clothing back together for a temporary fix.


Another thing to pack according to the weather is footwear. In the summer, it’s most likely going to be hot and you’ll want to be cool as much as possible. Go for something that leaves your feet able to breathe. One pair of shoes that are great for summer are flip flops. They provide breathability and they are easy to slide on and off, which is a great feature if you’ll be swimming at all.


Sunblock is super important at any time of the year to protect yourself from UVA and UVB rays, but it’s even more important in the summertime.To help protect yourself from damage from the sun and bad burns, get the highest amount of SPF in your sunblock as possible. Getting sports sunblock will probably be the best option as you can get SPF as high as 100 compared to normal SPF which stays around 30 to 40. Get as much protection as you can get!


Another great way to stay protected from the sun is by buying a hat for your trip. You can get beach hats that go with any outfit. You can even customize your hat with an Embroidery machine and make waves on your trip while you go splash in the waves too!


When picking out your favorite summer accessories to take on your trip, try to think of practicality as much as looking great. Having too many accessories on during the heat can get annoying and make looking great a hassle. So, stick with what is useful and will go with your summer outfits. If you’ll be playing in the water much, taking a waterproof watch will help you keep the time while having a great time. If you’re not doing much swimming that day, bring a simple necklace and bracelet to make every outfit stand out while you’re on your trip.

 Money & travel info

More important than any other item on the list is money and traveling information. Without money, you can’t do anything on your trip and you probably won’t even have a place to stay unless you prepaid for your hotel. Money is super important so you can do all of the things you’ve been looking forward to on your trip.

Packing your traveling information is important so you can confirm your stay at a hotel and so you can travel out of the country if necessary. When confirming your stay at a hotel you will want to bring a receipt if you paid for the room ahead of time so you can make sure you get your room. If you’re traveling out of the country, you’ll definitely want to bring your passport.

 Toiletries and Personal Items

Bringing toiletries and personal items are an important part of your packing, as hotel toiletries are usually not large enough for a longer stay for one person or even a short stay for several. Remember to pack any women’s products, razors, hair products, and soaps to make sure that you stay fresh and clean during your perfect summer trip.


Bringing electronics can be extremely beneficial for your trip. If you want to listen to music, play games, check your bank account, or have access to a million different things to do, don’t forget your smartphone. If you don’t have a smartphone, bring your phone anyways along with a CD player, laptop, or any other electronic you may have that will be beneficial for your trip. The most important thing you can bring is your camera to capture all of the wonderful memories you’ll be making on your trip so you can look back and reminisce.

 Optional bring alongs

If you feel you need to bring extras like blankets or pillows for the car ride or plane ride there and back, feel free to do so as you won’t regret it. Keep extras at a minimum though, as over-packing is unnecessary and will cause you more stress in the long run. Avoid over packing if you choose to fly to your destination too because those extra fees can add up quickly.

 Use a Multi-Function convertible Bag

When packing for a trip, the most convenient thing to do is to use a bag that can convert to anything. This kind of bag can pack everything you need in one place and do the job well. Make sure the bag is approved and within any necessary weight limits you may have, especially for flying.

 Pack in layers

 After getting everything together- wait, double check again!- you’re ready to pack it all up. Unfortunately, if you do this wrong you can end up not being able to pack everything that you need because you packed in a bulky way that took up too much space in your bag. Make sure you pack in layers to get the most use out of our bag space. Start with shoes in the bottom and work your way up to the smallest things to optimize the space in your bag.


Going on summer trips should be the highlight of your summers, but don’t let packing get in your way. Make sure to follow this guide every step of the way to ensure you have a stress-free trip. Make sure to stop by and check out all of the great travel gears from Gearweare!

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