10 Tips On How To Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free

Keeping pet hair off furniture and floors can be an ongoing struggle when living with animals in your home, even with vacuuming or brushing them regularly. But there are ways to minimize pet fur around your home!

Here Are A Few Tips On How To Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free:

1. Consider purchasing a robot vacuum and mop cleaner.

Robot vacuums and mops have become an invaluable way of keeping pet hair out of your home, without the hassle of lifting a finger! By scheduling these devices multiple times daily, they will keep up with any shedding that might happen throughout the day without you needing to lift any fingers yourself! So get the best dual function sweeper and mop today!

2. Pull furniture away from walls.

Pet fur tends to gather on furniture and carpet near walls, making it harder for you to vacuum, clean, or groom certain parts of your room that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Moving these pieces further away will allow for easier vacuuming, cleaning, or grooming sessions in difficult spots in your room.

3. Groom your pets.

Regular grooming of your pets is key for keeping their hair at bay and should take place at least once every week. Grooming tasks could range from brushing or combing their fur, trimming their nails, and cleaning their ears; what exactly needs doing depends on their breed so make sure you understand this before beginning!

4. Make an investment in furniture covers or slipcovers.

Slipcovers are an easy and relatively cost-effective way to keep your furniture free from pet hair, even if you regularly vacuum. Even without one in place, pet fur can still settle onto surfaces unless a cover or slipcover is in place; there’s sure to be one suitable for any decor!

5. Give your pets regular baths.

Bathing pets regularly (at least every few weeks) is another great way to reduce pet hair in your home. Bathing removes dirt and dander that accumulates on fur, making cleanup much simpler afterward.

6. Put down rugs or mats in high traffic areas.

Placing rugs or mats in doorways and hallways will help collect pet hair before it spreads throughout your home. Incorporating mats near furniture that your pets often use also helps capture excess fur before it spreads far and wide.

7. Change out your pet’s bedding regularly.

Pet beds can quickly become filthy with dirt, dander and other forms of debris. To ensure no excess pet hair accumulates within your home, ensure that you clean their bedding at least twice every month and remove any build-up of fur – this will keep your furry friends feeling comfortable!

8. Use lint rollers

Lint rollers make it simple and efficient to collect pet hair from surfaces like furniture and clothing. Keep one within reach near the couch or bed so you can quickly grab any pet-hair that appears. Plus, its sticky side can help clean off their fur when taking them outdoors for walks or trips to the park!

9. Replace air filters regularly.

Airborne dirt and dander can contribute to pet hair build-up in your home; changing out your air filter regularly will help mitigate this by trapping debris before it enters the airstream.

10. Keep clutter out of the way.

Clutter can make it more challenging to clean up pet hair, so keeping your home organized is key to creating an untidy-free space for your furry pal. Consider purchasing storage bins or baskets so items off the floor and easier vacuuming sessions.

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