10 Present Ideas For A Baby Shower

Baby showers are so popular with every pregnant woman seeming to have one. It’s a fun event where you shower the mommy to be with gifts, as well as advice, for the new baby. You play games such as ‘how big is the bump’ and there is usually some delicious baby themed food and drink for everyone to try. It will typically be the mother or a best friend, who will ask if you can attend the baby shower. If you can go, you should get a present sorted to take with you. Here are 15 present ideas for a baby shower.


One of the best ways to get a baby to sleep is to use a dummy. They are an ideal way of keeping the child calm and providing them with comfort. So why not buy a dummy as a baby shower present? A personalised dummy is a great option, as it adds that personal touch to the gift. New moms often put the dummy’s down somewhere and forget where they put it, or the baby spits it out while you’re out, so it’s lost forever. Therefore, the baby will need as many as possible. There are many different sizes and colors you can get for the baby. Not all mums want to use it, though; the baby can become attached to it and not want to give it up. Here are some pros and cons for using a dummy with a baby.

Baby bedding

You could consider getting your friend some baby bedding as a present for the baby shower. Babies have accidents in the night and the sheets will have to be changed regularly. Therefore, the more spare bedding there is, the better for the mom to quickly put a new one on. Not only is it good for hygiene reasons to change the bedding regularly, but it also ensures the baby will be comfortable. Go to the shops and pick a style that you think is cute. If you know the sex of the baby, you can go for something in a pink, or a blue. Otherwise, go for something quite neutral which will be suitable for both. Remember to check the thread count so that it’s warm and comfortable. Don’t buy a second-hand one to give to the baby as you don’t know what bacteria could be hiding in there. Also, don’t choose one that is too cheap as it may irritate the baby’s skin.

Personalized clothes

For something really cute, why not buy the baby a personalized top or babygrow for the baby. It will be something unique that they will not get from anyone else. Although you may not know the name of the baby yet, you can still get fun personalized clothes with the date the baby should be arriving. You can also get ones with the mum and dad’s names on there. You can browse for onesies online which you can personalize for the baby. As an extra present for the mom, why not get the mommy a personalized top which says a traditional baby on board or you could choose something more unique.


It can be hard to buy toys for kids so why not go for a cuddly new friend. A teddy is something that is often kept forever as people can’t bear to be parted with it. Many people keep them for years and the baby’s parents will always remember that you bought it for them. It’s something their parents can put in the bed with them to cuddle at night. There are so many different teddies available that you can buy. Choose something which you think they will like, and remember to check it’s safe for kids. If it’s a girl, you can even get doll teddys which they will love.

Baby clothes

Another top present idea you can get for a baby shower is a form of baby clothes. You can never have enough baby grows as they go through so many when they are sick or milk is spilt down it. There are so many cute baby clothes that you can get hold of for the little one. If you know what gender the baby is, you may find it easier to find some trousers or a cute dress for the baby. Consider if there are any brands that the mom to be will really like. Try and choose a brand which others won’t go and buy from. Otherwise, the mom to be will end up with lots of the same thing. Keep a receipt to be safe so they can take it back if necessary. You should also consider what size you should get the baby. A lot of people go for newborn size but then the child will end up not wearing them all. Consider going for 3-6 or even 6-9 months as the baby will grow into it. And it’s not just tops and baby grows that you can get for the baby; socks are always a favorite choice for the new child. New moms are so tired they end up putting the socks down and never finding them again. Therefore, they need a few so they have plenty to put on the baby to keep their toes cozy. You could also get them a cute little hat which they can wear when they go out to protect the baby’s head.


Another idea you can get for a baby shower is a baby blanket. It’s one of the main things that parents use to help their baby to get to sleep. It also keeps it nice and cozy when they are in their crib. A blanket can easily get sick or milk on it so they will always need spare ones they can use while it is in the wash. Blankets are another item which parents will be able to associate with you as they will keep them forever. It can often be passed down from sibling to sibling so it will be made use of. To make it extra special, why not get the baby’s surname stitched on there. If the parents have decided on the baby’s name already, you could even get the first name on there. But beware, they may decide to change it at the last minute!


If you want something that the mommy can use with the little one, why not buy some books which are suitable for little ones. Reading is such an important part of helping a child develop and can be nice as a way for the mom and baby to bond. Go to the bookstore or look online on at books for kids. You can get some beautiful sets which can be kept for when the baby is older and can be read at bedtime.

Baby cards

A new popular way to record the milestones of the baby’s life is to use baby cards. So why not buy a set as a baby shower present? The milestone cards are ideal to put with the baby and take a picture to put away or even put on social media for your friends. You get cards such as ‘first smile’ or even ‘2 months old’ which will give you no doubt of when the picture was from. The mom to be would likely not have seen these before so will love the present.

Baby record book

A more traditional baby shower present idea is a baby record book. It is an excellent idea as it lets the mom to be fill out details about the baby’s first few months that she might forget otherwise. It’s a great way of having all the relevant details and pictures of the baby in one place. It’s something they can look back at when the baby is older to show them what they were like when they were little. If you don’t want to purchase one ready made, why not buy a scrapbook and make one yourself. It will be even more personal to the mom to be; just make sure you start it way before the bash as it can take some time to make it!

Baby related food

Another fun present to take for a baby shower is something you have made yourself that you can all consume at the party. With the mom to be receiving a lot of the same gift, some baby shaped cakes or fun dummy biscuits will go down very well. Everyone can eat them at the party; just make sure to take some pictures first. You can always buy the baby some presents when it arrives.

You should also ensure that as well as taking a gift for the baby, you take something for the mom to be. She has had to carry the baby for the last few months which is not easy. As we talked about previously, a lot of things can happen to the body during pregnancy such as bad feet and a sore back. So why not buy her a beauty treatment or some luxurious beauty products to help relax her.

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