Dash Is The Robot You Always Dreamed Of Having!

Dash Is The Robot You Always Dreamed Of Having!

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Toys have certainly come a long ways since I was a child and I am constantly amazed by all of the new technology for kids! The toys my children enjoy now were ones we dreamed about having when growing up! My children and I have enjoyed hours upon hours of fun with the latest robot. This adorable blue robot names Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having! Your jaw is going to drop on the floor once you realize how much this simple looking robot can actually do.

Dash Is The Robot You Always Dreamed Of Having!

Dash is a real robot that comes charged and ready to play with right out of the box, which is always a plus when you have anxious kids ready to play. Dash has a few main features which include; responding to voices, navigating objects, dancing, and singing. There are a handful of apps to download that will allow you to interact with dash even further. There are also tons of accessories you can purchase that is going to make this already amazing robot even more enjoyable!

Dash Is The Robot You Always Dreamed Of Having!

Do you want to have first-hand experience and influence how your child will learn, build, and grow?  Do you want to make it a fun and educational experience that you can both enjoy?  Well then this the robot you are looking for! This new Kids Tech gadget (paired with learning apps) is sure to keep your kids engaged!

We took a quick video of our handsome robot Dash, we hope you enjoy!!


I often find myself playing with Dash and not wanting to share with the kids, haha! Dash is a toy that my children don’t just mindlessly play with. They have to think, be creative and as a result, they are learning while having fun. What more could you ask for?

Dash Is The Robot You Always Dreamed Of Having!

We are huge fans of our friend Dash and we know your family would be to! This is one toy that is defiantly not going to be collecting dust. I am greatly looking forward to the continued fun we will have with Dash and all of the many features we have still yet to discover!


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