5 Tips to Provide Lifelong Care for Your Dog

If you have a pet dog, you know that they take a lot of money, time, and energy to care for. Raising a dog from puppy through to adulthood is a special challenge that not all people can undertake. However, if you want to have a dog, there are some tips you can follow to ensure that he or she has the best care possible from beginning to end. Medicine An important, often overlooked aspect Read More

Gift Giving Guide: Should You Give a Pet as a Gift?

The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with love, happiness, and, of course, gift giving. A well thought out gift is an amazing thing with the power to bring untold amounts of joy and convey how much those special people in our lives mean to us. “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas” is a refrain commonly heard from animal rights groups around this time of year. Shelters are flooded with unwanted Read More

Kitten Care Made Easy: 6 Add-to-cart Products For Your Pet

Owning a pet could account for various health benefits. Going by credible findings, pets may help keep your cholesterol level and blood pressure under check. Over time, these beautiful creatures become members of your happy family and offer emotional support when you are down and out.   Pet lovers get so habitual that they sometimes cannot think about living without them. But this little pack of happiness comes with a lot of responsibilities. Managing domestic animals Read More

Keeping Your Dog Happy During The Busy Holidays

A special thanks to The Anxious Pet for sponsoring this post. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. A few years ago, when our dog was still crate training, I began to notice a pattern. At the time he was still a young guy and we would put him in the crate before we left the house. This wasn’t a big hassle and he gladly went in there when asked to. As a mother Read More

Important Steps to be Taken to Keep Your Dogs in Good Shape

Dogs are a great addition to the family. As a popular line says, “Dogs are Mans’ Best Friend.” Having a fur-friend benefits both the pet and its owner. Dogs not only provide the family with fun and enjoyment, but we can also learn too many things from their behavior. Extraordinary qualities of a dog, such as being sweet, playful, and good providers to her young, being protective, and loyal, somehow help build an excellent connection Read More

Are Pistachios Good for Dogs?

No, pistachios, while they have some health benefits, will likely do more harm than good for your furry friend. Good nutrition is as important for dogs as it is for humans. What you feed your dog will determine how healthy he or she will be, both in body and mind. Pistachios have a high-fat content, and when consumed in large quantities, can put your dog’s health at risk.  Dangers of giving your dog pistachios Pistachios Read More

Get An Instant Puppy Loan For Your New Addition

Getting a puppy can be a wonderful experience for all families. This new addition can bring a lot of joy and love for your family, and it is a very special time for all involved. However, while getting a puppy can be a beautiful experience, there is no denying that it can also be expensive. Puppies require a lot of things to be safe, happy, and healthy in their new home, which can add up Read More

Autumn and Winter Exercise Tips To Keep Your Dog Fit

When the weather gets cooler, how do you make sure your dog is still able to keep active and fit? When it’s colder and unpleasant outside, you’re much less likely to head outside to dog parks, trails, and so on to keep your pet fit. No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s still important to make sure your pet gets his daily exercise. If bad weather is keeping you indoors, don’t let that Read More

5 Pet Hacks For Taking Your Furry Friend To The UK

There’s isn’t much that can break the bond between a loving owner and their pet. Chewed shoes and scuffed sofas don’t stand a chance. Tumbleweeds of fur and misplaced bathroom breaks make no difference, either. Barks and begging are just endearing quirks. But what about moving abroad? If you plan on heading to the UK permanently you’ll probably want to take your pet along for the journey. Fortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence, and Read More

10 Common Signs of Anxiety in Dogs and How to Treat It

Let’s face it, few things in life are better than having a pet dog in the house. Lovable rogues and loyal companions, they’re funny, friendly, and forever entertaining. Nevertheless, dog ownership definitely has its challenges too. Whether they’re chewing through treasured possessions or leaving dirty paw marks on freshly cleaned floors, it isn’t always a walk in the park. However, these kinds of irksome issues are nothing compared to seeing signs of anxiety in dogs Read More

7 Best Exotic Pets Your Kids Will Love

According to the American Pet Products Association, in 2013, 19.4 million households owned some type of exotic pet.  If your kids have been begging you to get some kind of pet, you might want to change things up a little bit and get something fun and different.  Here are some of the best exotic pets that you and your family will love! 1. Degu If your family can’t decide between a hamster and a Guinea Read More