8 Common Dog Health Problems

Your dog is your loyal friend, and caring for them is your responsibility. While caring for your canine friend can minimize their risk of health issues, some of them might still occur. Being intentional about your dog’s health is an excellent way to keep them healthy and happy. Familiarize yourself


How to Make a Dog Harness

In the US, there are 83.7 million dogs in our households. These 4-legged creatures are cute, funny, and loyal, which make the perfect personality traits for a best friend! Your daily routine involves taking your pup out for walks so it can relieve itself and also explore. But if you have an upcoming


How to Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

Whether you decide to visit Pride & Prejudoodles official website or get a dog from a rescue, dogs quickly become important members of our family. While they love to have a good time, play and run around, some dogs can develop separation anxiety. This essentially means the dog will become

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4 Ways To Afford A Service Dog

Owning a service dog can have a transformative impact on your everyday existence, letting you cope with all sorts of struggles and retain your independence in the face of significant challenges, both physical and mental. Of course there are costs which come with acquiring and owning a service dog, and


Phases of a Rescue Dog: What to Know

Every year, over four million shelter animals find loving homes.  If you’re inviting a furry friend into your home this year, maybe you’re more nervous than excited. Rescue dog behavior problems tend to be a new dog owner’s first concern. After all, the rescue dog honeymoon period will be short-lived when behavioral problems start

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