Disney Is Now On Netflix!

We are huge Disney fans in our house and if you were to ask us which movies we watch most frequently at home, Disney titles would be at the top of the list. There are so many movies that I enjoyed watching when I was a kid, enjoying them all over again with my own children is such a magical experience. Well I am so thrilled to share with you that Disney is now on Read More

Watch Together, Learn Together! Netflix Shows That Teach Your Children

Netflix can be an amazing resource if you are looking for a fun way to teach your children! After a long day in the summer sun, kids just want to unwind at the end of the day. Why not turn on a show that is not only entertaining, but educational? Watch together, learn together! Check out these six fun facts found on Netflix that are sure to impress. Fuller House: Season 1, Episode 2 Mr. Read More

Where’s The Craziest Place You’ve Watched Netflix?

With great advancements in modern technology, binge watching your new favorite show on Netflix makes it possible to watch it almost anywhere! I have to admit that my smart phone has become my go to device for streaming shows lately. The kids are on summer break, it’s hotter than Hades here in Georgia… which means we get stuck in the house some days… resulting in the children taking over the television and streaming all their Read More

The Importance Of Creativity & Role-Play Fun

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Motherhood for Dumb Ways JR. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. #DumbWaysJR. With three very active and rambunctious children to care for, safety is always on my mind. Whether it’s playing in the yard, running around the playroom, or a trip to the grocery store, I feel like I am constantly explaining to my children Read More

Top Best Netflix Shows to Stream With Kids

Bringing up important topics with your children may sound easy in your head, but it doesn’t always go well once played out in real life. It’s kind of like sending your child to school all day and then having them return, anxious to know all about their day and the only response you get was  “I don’t remember.” Sometimes it takes a but more dialogue to get your kids to talk about important subjects. One Read More

Your #1 Guide For Online Casino Games

Hey guys, do you want some useful info? Once I ran into a very convenient online casinos guide while searching the Web. And it has become my favorite guide ever since, because it saves me a lot of time and money. I am eager to share this amazing news with the people who are also keen on gaming and want to get the most recent updates. Here is why I like this guide so much! Read More

Easy Activities to Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

Summertime is just around the corner, and kids everywhere are rejoicing to be free of school for three whole months! However, did you know that there are tons of easy ways you can have learning experiences with your kids via everyday activities all summer long? Work on Math Skills With a Lemonade Stand Is it really summertime if a kid doesn’t launch a lemonade stand? Though your children might think that setting up a lemonade Read More

15 Free Must Have iPad Apps For Elementary Students

Here is a great list of 15 free IPAD applications that students or children must have. The applications go a long way in helping them in practicing and learning about most of the things discussed in school especially at the elementary level. The applications provide stories, colorful games, audiovisual material and other materials that assist to write my essay for me. The diversity of applications keeps the students learning, going through what was covered in Read More

Believe It Or Not, Siblings Really Can Get Along!

Believe it or not, siblings really can get along. People stop me when I am with my children in public all of the time. I can’t begin to tell you how many times someone has taken me aside, just to inform me that they were blown away by how well behaved my kids were! I am so proud of my three children and the love they have for each other. I tell people all of Read More

Be Prepared For Fun: Game Night Checklist

A game night is a fun and inexpensive activity for couples, families or even just a group of friends or work colleagues. Poker nights are one of the most traditional themes that many people enjoy, but there are hundreds of different games to play that will appeal to those of every age and ability. In order to host the perfect game night, you only need a little preparation to ensure everybody has an enjoyable evening Read More

Must Stream LEGO Shows On Netflix

  All three of my children are fans of LEGO… from my 20 month old and her Mega Bloks, to my 5 year old and his LEGO table… and all the way to my 9 year old and her LEGO sets. The journey starts with the very first block and using your imagination is one of the fundamentals of childhood. As I child I remember the many hours I spent in my room creating these Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to the Grand National 2017

The most anticipated horse racing event in the UK is approaching fast, and as each day passes – the eager anticipation builds. It’s part of the parcel that many people will have had a flutter on the races and that ups the stakes for all those involved. Millions of people will be tuning in to watch the Grand National, while many thousands of people will attend the races themselves to watch it in person. All Read More