Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Here are some of our most favorite and easy Valentine’s Day crafts that are always a hit each year with the kids!


The first craft we did was personalized wall art for the Grandparents. This is such an easy craft and the ends results are amazing, something any grandparent would be proud to display in their home!

I came across this beautiful quote to work with! Simply right click the image below, go to “view image” and then print it so you can use it for your own craft.

We then chose three pieces of paper for each project.

First you will need to pick out one shade of paper, that is what you will be using to cut your heart out with. Make sure to lightly trace your child’s hand first and then cut out a heart around it. You will be putting your child’s hand print inside this heart, so you want to make sure that it’s big enough.

Choose your favorite paint color and place your child’s hand print in the middle of the heart. As you can see from the picture below, we practiced a few times on a scrap piece of paper. This will help remove some of the excess paint so the hand print doesn’t come out smudgy looking. 

 We then glued on our lovely quote and heart, as well as painted the children’s names on their pictures.

And no craft project (in my opinion) is complete without GLITTER!!! I am a glitter fanatic when it comes to crafts, so of course we went to town making the picture dazzle! To me this is such a simple and special way to make your project look less plain and stand out more!

Here are the final pieces:

 Food crafts are a personal favorite of mine, as they tend to resolve the hungry and cranky kid issue while still keeping them entertained. Since we had so much fun with our first heart craft, we decided to use that for our next protect. All you need for this craft is to pop some delicious popcorn and cut out some hearts from construction paper.

The final step is completely up to you and your child(ren) and their imaginations. I just let my children draw where they wanted on the heart with the elmers glue and then let them place to popcorn where they please. If your children love popcorn as much as mine, then this will probably require two bags.


 Garlands are one of my favorite crafts, you can come up with so many different ways to make use of them!

Simply choose some of your favorite colors and cut the paper into long strips.

Here is my daughter displaying the classic garland (I use a stapler to connect my loops.)

 We had so many left over strips that we decided to get creative!

First I connected two strips to fit my children’s head.

I then took three additional strips and stapled them in the center in order to get that heart shape appearance. I then took a large strip and stapled the three hearts to the top of it. Final step is to staple the heart covered strip so it goes over the top of your child’s head.

My kids absolutely loved these!!!

My very creative daughter came up with the idea to make a heart bracelet, she makes her mama proud!

 We then took the bracelet craft one step further and stapled them to a piece of paper! My son had so much fun placing his matchbox cars on top and bouncing them about. He also used this as tunnels for his train.

Our final craft consisted of tracing our hands and gluing a strip of paper from one hand to the other. When you open the hands, the message reads “I love you this much.” This is one of the most adorable crafts I have ever seen and just had to share with you all!


Here are some snapshots of all of our Valentine’s Days crafts!


I hope you enjoyed this post and left with some great ideas! Did you take any of these crafts one step further or find alternative ideas that you liked better??? I am delighted to hear about how you and your family enjoyed these crafts!



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  1. Great idea and it is always fun looking back after the years and letting the kids see how much they’ve grown!

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