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Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

A special thanks to Zutano  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

About Zutano Products

“From their first breaths to their first smiles, their first words to their first steps—every moment in a child’s life is to be celebrated. Zutano recognizes the role it plays in the life of a little boy or girl and proudly creates products as bright and unique as each child, with a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns to stimulate or to soothe. From mix and match baby clothing and accessories to crib bedding, nursery furniture, gear, booties, hats, and décor—Zutano brings energy and quality into everything it creates.”


My Review

What stands out most when it comes to Zutano products is how bright, colorful and vibrant everything is! The unique prints and elegant color schemes result in some of the most adorable outfits I have ever laid eyes on. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Elephantasia Newborn Banded Waist DressHot Pink Newborn Pants and Elephantasia Newborn Cap Sleeve Bodysuit. The perfects outfits for my newborn baby to wear during the summer, as all three pieces are light and cozy. The quality fabric is soft and stretchy, great for not irritating your newborn’s soft, delicate skin. My daughter has spit up numerous times on these outfits, which has resulted in them already needing to be washed a handful of times. Despite having been run through the washer and dryer several times, the colors have not faded and the quality has kept in tact… these outfits look just as nice as the day I received them!

Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

Any parent will tell you that keeping hate and shoes on a new baby is close to impossible and I have personally lost more than I can recall. What I adore about the newborn booties is how easily you can secure them to your baby’s feet while still allowing them to be comfortable. Not only do they have buttons that snap around the ankles, but they also have an elastic band feature. The matching newborn hat is made in the same fabric, which is incredibly soft and perfect for keeping your newborn warm. The newborn sun hat has been a blessing to have this last week, since my daughter started school. While waiting for the school bus to drop my daughter off at the end of the day, I can keep Adeline protected from the sun with this generously sized hat!

Zutano Just For aden Collection Review


There is no question about it, our family is completely infatuated with owls and we were just delighted to see some adorable owl themed products in the new Zutano just for Aden collection! I am especially fond of the burpy bib, not just for it’s beautiful owl print and high quality fabric, but because it works so incredibly well! I exclusively breastfeed baby Adeline and as a newborn, she spends a lot of time nursing. I have a very strong letdown and Adeline tries her best to keep up with my fast milk flow, but is still a beginner and makes quite a mess nursing sometimes. She had started to get a rash in her neck from all of the milk getting in there and it constantly needing to be cleaned. Once I started using the burpy bib on her while she nursed, the rash quickly began clearing up. The fabric is so soft and comforting, Adeline loves to hold it between her fingers when she nurses, plus it catches/absorbs all of the milk that was previously dripping down her neck. This is like having a muslin swaddle for her to snuggle with, except it’s the perfect size and it stays securely on her. I am just in love with this bib and have yet to find another that is as convenient and beneficial to us as this one!

Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

Speaking of muslin swaddles! Have I mentioned how amazing and beautiful these type of blankets are, especially the aden + anais collection? I could not possibly survive without them and they have made the first three weeks of caring for my newborn significantly easier. I began using them from the first day that she was born, tossing aside the hospital infant blankets and offering my sweet newborn a more comforting option. While I didn’t get much sleep during my stay at the hospital, sweet Adeline slept peacefully while swaddled in her Zutano Just For Aden Owls Swaddles! These come in the most gorgeous, vibrant, fun loving prints that leave my baby in awe as she stares at them. I can use these swaddled in so many ways, the possibilities are endless. I like rolling them up and placing them in her bouncer in order to keep her head straight. I also have found that when I drape one over my shoulder, rest Adeline’s head over it and rock her, she will fall asleep much quicker. They are great for keeping her protected from the outside elements (sun, breeze, bugs) when I am outside with my older kids. I never have to worry that when I place the swaddle over her that she is overheating! They are also perfect for placing over the car seat when I am out in public, it keeps strangers from reaching in and touching her while also keeping her cool. I could just go on and on about all of the many ways I use these swaddles on a daily basis and the quality and convenience of having them does not compare to anything else!

Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

We hope you enjoy these photos of Baby Adeline modeling the Zutano newborn collection!

  Zutano Just For aden Collection ReviewZutano Just For aden Collection Review Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

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24 thoughts on “Zutano Just For aden Collection Review

  1. Okay I said I loved anything in the adorable owl print and I still do,now I see this really cute flower print so now I love everything in that print also!! I can’t decide so I wont I love it all,so adorable!so cute!

  2. I like that Zutano has so many different prints and that they have so many things with the different prints so you can mix and match. I also like that they carry more than just baby items, as my great niece and great nephew are out of the baby stage but now into the toddler stage 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  3. I agree with your review. One of the things I like best about Zutano, is all the wonderful bright and vibrant colors of the products!

  4. Zutano makes beautiful clothes for babies and toddlers. Everything is colorful and soft. I bought many items for my grandkids and they are wonderful to give as gifts. I wish their booties came in kids & adult sizes. Your adorable Adeline looks so comfy. I love the print she Is wearing, Elephantasia. 🙂

  5. I love the bright colors and adorable prints in Zutano’s Newborn Collection. The Elephantasia dress is so pretty. I also love their soft booties in the lime color. Zutano makes great quality clothes for my grandkids and for gifts to my friends and family.

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