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WOWBUTTER: Schoolsafe 100% Peanut Free Review

A special thanks to WOWBUTTER for providing me with a sample pack of their product for free for reviewing purposes!

* Peanut Free * Tree Nut Free * Gluten Free * Dairy Free *


Product Description

“Finally, a Safe-for-School solution for the school lunch when socially responsible schools implement peanut free policies. Our innovative WOWBUTTER was designed and developed to protect the millions of North Americans who suffer from life threatening peanut and nut allergies. It was also developed to nourish the tens of millions of non-allergic school kids that need healthy lunch solutions. Simple basic ingredients and NO added colours, flavours or preservatives!”

My Review

For the first time this year, my daughter’s school sent me a letter informing me that a student in her new class has an extreme peanut allergy and we are to refrain from sending anything with peanut butter to school. While visiting her class room earlier this week, there was a giant sign on the door stating that the classroom was peanut/nut free room. This was not an issues in the first two years my daughter attended school, so I quickly began to panic as I realized my daughter is in love with peanut butter sandwiches! I pack her lunch for school and this is basically the only sandwich she asks for. Well I had received a message from a friend this summer and she had mentioned WOWBUTTER to me and suggested that I share it on my blog. How excited was I when I discovered that WOWBUTTER was not actually peanut butter at all… but a schoolsafe peanut free peanut butter! I was expecting this to be something completely different than the average peanut butter and found myself a bit reluctant on how good it would actually be. As soon as I opened the jar of WOWBUTTER, I was shocked! There was no way this wasn’t peanut butter! It smelled like peanut butter… looked like peanut butter… tasted like peanut butter… even spread like peanut butter! I am not exaggerating when I say that there is no way you would be able to distinguish this from regular peanut butter! This is the perfect solution for being able to provide your children with the benefits of peanut butter while still keep fellow student with allergies safe.


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25 thoughts on “WOWBUTTER: Schoolsafe 100% Peanut Free Review

  1. Yes I am sympathetic to children with nut allergies but yet schools Have noy banned snacks in vending machines that were manufactured in facilities manufacturing nut products. The same with snacks sent in with lunches such as all the chocolate sent in around Halloween nit to mention Reeses and peanut M7Ms which many parents never give a second thought about. As a pediatric nurse the children with very severe nut allergies are very educated and hyper aware of what they can and cannot eat. It is ridiculous to ban a staple of the pantries in many home that cannot afford cold cuts or nutritionless lunchables. Why can’t schools re-instate the peanut free zone in the cafeteria?

  2. This sounds wonderful. I hadn’t heard of this but I am really glad it is available. It’s tough when you can’t have peanut butter. It’s such a staple growing up.

  3. Sounds great, minus that it is soy… not a fan of giving my boys soy products. One of my boys is allergic to chocolate and the other to tree nuts, thankfully nothing too severe yet.

  4. I like that it’s not made from peanuts. You never know when you may have a kid at your house or in a class that has an allergy and they don’t think to tell you about it.

  5. Well, for kids with allergies this stuff sounds awesome! Thanks for the review. This definitely looks like it’s worth a try!

  6. my 6 year old daughter is allergic to peanuts and every other nut out there.. This seems like a wonderful alternative for her… she always wishes she could eat pb&j sandwiches!!

  7. thsi is great i am allergic to nuts and then i would love to try it and see how it tast litttle one seem to like it

  8. this is awesome , I have tried it and rather this over the regular peanut butter, this tastes just as good , will definately be giving this to my daughter thanks

  9. I have different people in my family who is allergic, and it scares me that they may come across it somehow. This sounds great for those who crave peanut butter, like ME!!!

  10. I had no idea that a school could ban certain types of food. I do not agree with this method at least teach a child how to live safely what about when your not in school, and someone has a peanut butter sandwich?

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