Why We Loved Visiting the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival

Why We Loved Visiting the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival

I have partnered with Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival to help my local fans discover affordable family fun in their area!

I have lived in Georgia for a little over three years and I am constantly reminded of what a beautiful state I have the privilege of calling my home. We found ourselves visiting the town of Brookhaven for the first time this weekend and left with so many wonderful things to say about this special town that has hosted a Cherry Blossom festival the past few years. We had to opportunity to enjoy their third year and will most definitely be returning in 2018! Here are just some of the reasons why we loved visiting the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival!

What stood out to me most about this festival was how dog friendly it was! There were people everywhere with their dogs and it was so wonderful seeing all these beautiful and loved dogs. It didn’t take my oldest daughter long to realize that there was an entire field dedicated to the dogs! As a huge pet adoption advocate and proud mommy to three adopted pets, I was overwhelmed with happiness to see that there was an organization there trying to find homes for some amazing pups! There were also so really fun pet related events throughout the festival, you can view a list of them down below:

Featured Attractions

  • Stunt Dog Shows
  • Lure Coursing
  • Adoptions
  • Games & Prizes
  • Demonstrations
  • Education
  • Parade
  • Costume Contest

There was also plenty of places to grab some delicious food, no matter which type of cuisine you happen to be in the mood for! Fish taco, pulled pork sandwich and cheese enchilada is what my girls and I settled on for lunch and boy was it scrumptious! Nothing better than some good ole fair food!

We spend over an hour walking through Blackburn Park and checking out all of the very talented artist and vendors. There were far more than I could take pictures of, i tried to include some of my favorites. These people were all so kinds and welcoming, not not mention accommodating for families (the kids were gifted so many special items along the way!)

I have to say that this was my favorite part of the festival, I truly enjoy getting to know my local businesses and learning more about their craft. Supporting our local economy is so important and this is always a great way to get some one-on-one interaction with the artists or owners behind the amazing work/products!

The Brookhaven Classic Car Show is a great opportunity to get an up-close look at a collection of antique cars, trucks, and customs. Blue Ribbon prizes are awarded for competitions such as Best of Show, Best Interior and more. The kids and I enjoyed getting to say hello to the proud owners of these vehicles!

If you find that the kids are in need of some time to just sit down, relax and have a snack, then the center stage is the perfect destination! Lay a blanket down in the park where you can enjoy live performances from local talent, plus there is plenty of space to let the kids run around and get out some of that energy!

Then there were these really fun blog up seats in front of the stage that all of the little kids were having a blast on! My 2 year old kicked off her shoes and declared this the comfiest seat in the festival, hehe!

As if this festival wasn’t amazing enough, our last stop of the day was at the very impressive children’s village, where kids can enjoy some arts, crafts, music, and fair-style games! There is also face painting, flair hair (pictured in the image below), balloon twisting, sand art creation station, bounce houses, rock wall climbing and much more!

Living in the Atlanta area I have grown accustomed to having to deal with tricky parking situations when it comes to big events… it always seems like an event in itself trying to find parking. I was so impressed to discover that the town actually offered a free shuttle service for visitors of the event! All you had to do was park at one of their deisgnated shuttle areas (we parked at a State Farm parking lot where there was plenty of parking) and the shuttle bus arrived and drove us to the park. When we were ready to go home, we simple went back to the shuttle drop off area and they brought us back to our vehicle. This was a complete life save, as a mother of three you have no idea how much I greatly appreciated that free shuttle service!

This was truly a festival that the entire family enjoyed! We had such a wonderful experience, met so many hospitable locals and created some unforgettable memories that we will cherish always. Our family can not wait to return next year!

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