Why I Don’t Hate Being A Stay At Home Mom

why i dont hate being a stay at home mom

Can I confess something to you all… something that I feel has become increasingly harder for many moms to express? I am a stay at home mom and… I don’t hate it! The messes, crying, sleepless nights and cold coffee… it doesn’t bother me one but… and I am OK with loving what I do!

I was talking to my mom on the phone recently while scrolling through my facebook wall, once again coming across an article that pinpoints all the reasons being a stay at home mom is hard. At that moment I realized that every article I had come across lately only put a negative spin on that “job title.” All of these articles praising moms for speaking up and declaring their frustrations of being a SAHM. Expressing my thoughts to my mother on the phone, I came to the conclusion that there were far too many articles out there telling moms it’s OK to hate being a SAHM. While I can understand (and as a mom of three obviously relate to the daily struggles of a SAHM) not everyone dislikes their role as the full time caregiver to their little ones!

Those angelic photos I post on my facebook wall to share with family… the ones where my children are getting along and smiling from ear to ear… that is real! Not every moment of my day is like that, but what is wrong with capturing those special moments and sharing them with the ones I love? I am so tired of seeing articles that poke fun at those mom’s that only post their “perfect little family” on facebook. If I can capture the passion and love I have for being a mom, you can guarantee I am going to share it with you.


My confession to those SAHM bashing articles… I don’t hate being a stay at home mom and I am very proud of what I get to do every day. Is it a glamorous job? Not at all, but I am OK with that! Do I get to enjoy hot coffee and a spectacular breakfast? Nope… but I am quite fond of iced coffee anyways. Is my house sparkling clean and every article of clothing neatly folded in all of our dressers? Not even close, but the clothes are clean and the house is a happy one, that’s all that matters, to me anyways.


I don’t pee alone, sleep alone, wake up alone, eat without sharing my plate, leave the house without little ones in tote and I don’t always look and smell fresh. My children fight sometimes, they don’t always clean up after themselves, and going out in public with them can lead me to tears on some occasions. I spend the majority of my life in yoga pants and one of my husbands t-shirts, my beautiful heels are gathering dust while my flip flops are wearing at the soles. My purse is lined with cheerios, the sink is full of dishes, the kids filled the cat food dish with water (again) and I forgot to pack my daughter a fork with her lunch today. The list continues and my days are never uneventful…But you know what… I am OK with that because I DON’T hate being a stay at home mom!


One day my children will be grown, my husband and I will be able to go on dates again and just maybe the laundry will actually get put away. But in the mean time, I am OK with being a SAHM and I don’t mind that I spend most of the day cleaning dirty bottoms and using my sleeve to wipe runny noses. Those three little humans that I created and brought into this world deserve a mom that loves what she does, a mom that embraces the lifestyle and accepts it for what it is. YES, some days can be overwhelming, lonely, exhausting and downright discouraging… but you are an amazing mother that is literally helping your children become the person they will grow up to be… and it’s OK to love that.. it is OK to be proud and declare your love for being a stay at home mom! 🙂

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  1. What a great post. I didn’t enjoy being a stay at home mother. So we switched things around and my husband loves being a stay at home dad! So many of our friends can’t understand it but he is doing an amazing job looking after our kids and he is the happiest he has ever been. This is the job he was always meant to do. Well done for being honest – you should be proud you are giving your kids such a great start in life.

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