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Treats: Explore The World Through Food

A special thanks to Treats for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their service for free in exchange for an honest review!

Treats: Explore The World Through Food

I recently had the opportunity to try out a delicious and fun subscription box that the entire family loved. Treats is a subscription service for international snacks. Each month’s box will feature snacks from a different country in the world and the name of the country is kept a secret until you receive the box. The items in the box could range from Cheesecake Kit Kats to Poprocks-infused Cotton Candy to Chocolate Flavored Hippos. We were thrilled to discover asian inspired snacks inside of our box, treats that ranged from candy to chips. There were items we loved, items we weren’t quite sure of… either way the experience is what counts and the kids and I truly had a great time discovering new treats together as a family.

Treats: Explore The World Through Food

Let’s first begin with one of my favorite treats from the box, which was incredibly delicious and fun to eat. Imagine taking some cotton candy and filling it with rock candy… that is exactly what this candy was! So yummy and two of my favorite snacks combined, this is defiantly a treat I would purchase.

Treats: Explore The World Through Food

These little sticks dipped in deliciousness are actually something I have purchased previously and the entire family loves. Such a simple and yummy, guilt free snack that helps satisfy your sweet tooth. Treats: Explore The World Through Food

We also really enjoyed all of the chewy candy, especially the one filled with a cola flavor. I really enjoyed discovering candy from another country, it’s so neat to see what other people in the world are enjoying for a treat!

Treats: Explore The World Through Food

Then there was this incredible ice cream cone candy that had chocolate center! This was a really fun treat, the texture was unlike anything I have tried, but each bite was full of deliciousness. The perfect size and the ideal treat for hot summer days when the kids want ice cream but don’t want to deal with it melting. Treats: Explore The World Through Food

The final bit of candy we tried out was this bag of gummy candy, which was pretty darn yummy! I was excited to see that they were in individual packages, because we all know what kids can do to a bag of candy.

Treats: Explore The World Through Food

Then we got to the snack type items that fall under the category of chips and crackers. This is when the taste testing got more interesting! You grow up eating and enjoying a certain style of snacks, you become accustom to that style of food and as an adult… trying something completely outside your norm is difficult! Shrimp chips? They did in impressive job making them taste very similar to shrimp (I will give them credit for that) but my brain could not get over the fact that I was eating a chip that tasted like shrimp, haha! While it wasn’t bad tasting, I just couldn’t enjoy it. However, all of the other treats you see featured in the image below were quite pleasant and we all enjoyed them, especially the french fry chips!Treats: Explore The World Through Food

Overall… what a fun box!! We discovered so many new treats and again… how fun was it to experience the treats that other families enjoy regularly in another part of the world. If you would like to try this box out for yourself, make sure to use the coupon code MFM15 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order!

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