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TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots Review

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 TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots is a fantastic new line that allows your child to customize their very own “rescue bot.” My children are huge fans of the TRANSFORMERS cartoon and watch it all of the time, so it was no surprise how excited they were to discover this great new product. Each kit includes a TRANSFORMERS robot frame, as well as an ample amount of extra pieces and accessories to help your child’s imagination soar. The pieces are easy to put together and simple enough for little hands to maneuver all on their own. They even include nifty little weapons that can actually shoot little pieces out of it.  What I loved most about the TRANSFORMERS kits is that they are interchangeable and the parts can be switched between your multiple kits.  This feature  provides even more options for your child to create a unique and magnificent Construct-Bot of their own! There is simply no limit to what your child can create.

My daughter prefers to keep her TRANSFORMERS in vehicle mode, while my son loves his in the robot mode. This is perfect since each kit allows you to convert your robot from a vehicle and back to a robot without having to take any pieces apart. Since my children were already so familiar with TRANSFORMERS, it took no time for their imaginations to take action and start creating their customized bots. We decided to create one as family and it came out great and has held up wonderfully. My son zooms around the house with his TRANSFORMERS singing the theme song to the show, absolutely adorable! I have to admit that a personally really enjoyed putting a TRANSFORMER together myself and found this to be the perfect family activity. There is just so much to do and so much to work with that it gives everyone a job and role. Overall we were extremely happy with the TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots and have spent hours enjoying them together as a family.

 Check out the great storage case that allows us to keep all the pieces in one location, never worrying about losing track of anything.

The pieces are easy to work with and can be put together without a problem.

My children typically have a difficult time getting along when it comes to sharing a new toy, but TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots allowed them to work as a team and create some bots fight free.

This is their favorite TRANSFORMER bot that they play with every day, they really enjoy making the weapon on top shoot out a little red arrow.


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7 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS Construct-Bots Review

  1. Aww, looks like your kiddos had a great time playing together! It’s certainly a great toy for teamwork…my son has one as well and it’s a great father/son project 🙂

  2. I think my daugher would love these. She’s all about putting things together (and taking things apart). Love your photos…they make it easy to see what is included (size, shapes, colors) and how it all comes together!

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