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The Young Scientists Club‏: The Magic School Bus Weather Lab

A special thanks to The Young Scientists Club for providing us with a wonderful free product to review!


“Esther Novis, a mother of five and a former Harvard-trained biologist, started The Young Scientists Club 14 years ago as a summer science camp for her then 5-year-old son. Friends from other parts of the country told Novis they wanted to duplicate her concept and the idea for a science subscription service was born! The subscription kits are now mailed monthly to thousands of children around the world and the company’s retail kits are sold in hundreds of specialty stores. In addition to developing new products for The Young Scientists Club, this wise mom has many years of experience teaching at Phillips Academy, Andover and has written the science column for Parents Magazine plus wrote science experiments for the new science curriculum by McGraw-Hill Publishing.”

The Magic School Bus Weather Lab

Spring 2013 Parents’ Choice Foundation Award

Weather Lab

“The now iconic bus-shaped kit includes a variety of experimental components, 28 illustrated activity cards, a weather station, weather chart, stickers and a data notebook for recording observations and results. There are a wide variety of activities and projects including making a thermometer, creating a cloud and a tornado in a bottle, and making a wind vane; there are also explanations of experiments and discussions of scientific concepts such as evaporation and condensation. The kit is a simple and fun-filled way to introduce young children to basic scientific concepts of observation and recording data, as well as those specific to the study of weather. While our younger testers needed (and enjoyed) adult guidance, those eight and up were pleased to be the principal investigators and report their findings to anyone who would listen.”

My Review

 I remember watching the Magic School bus every morning before school when I was my daughter’s age. Just a few months ago my children discovered this wonderful show and have been watching almost on a daily basis. This is by far one of my most favorite shows that they watch and the amount of educational topics covered have taught them so much. When we had the opportunity to review The Magic School Bus Weather Lab from The Young Scientist Club my children were just ecstatic. The kit came in the infamous magic school bus in which my three year old son pushed around the house for an hour. He did this while continuously shouting about how he was happy to have the magic school bus, it was adorable! Once my daughter was home from school it was time to open up the school bus and discover the weather lab inside of it.

This fantastic kit came with the following activities:

  • Spinning a pinwheel
  • Making a tornado in a bottle
  • Swirling a paper snake
  • Recreating the water cycle
  • Creating a rain cloud
  • Using a sun dial
  • Constructing a barometer
  • Catching a rainbow
  • Learning about the greenhouse effect

There are so many educational activities in the kit and it gave us plenty to do throughout the weekend. The best part is that we can continue to use this kit and learn more about the weather in the future. All of the items can be stored back into the school bus very easily and that makes it perfect for clean up time and the kids not losing anything.  The kids had so much fun learning about weather and the fact that I can describe this product as both fun and educational to my children makes it an A+ product in my book!

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One thought on “The Young Scientists Club‏: The Magic School Bus Weather Lab

  1. Thank you for sharing this weather lab. Looks great for teaching kids about weather stations.

    What was the favorite experiment?

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