Taking A Mommy Moment With Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade

“I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for mike’s hard lemonade. I received a Circle K gift card to facilitate this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”
Taking A Mommy Moment With Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade #mymikesmoment #MC #sponsored


As a mom of three children that moved across the country from all of my friends and family… I must admit that I rarely (if at all) take mommy moments. By the time the day is done… after I’ve spent a long day of caring for a newborn, running errands, getting kids off the bus, helping with homework, chasing behind my tornado of a son, making dinner, cleaning up dinner, wresting kids into pajamas and persuading them to go to sleep… I am far too exhausted to do anything but melt in my bed. Even though finding time to myself is a rare occasion, I know it is important for my health and my family because a happy mom means a happy family. Sometimes you just need to remember that it is OK to take time for yourself, kick those feet up and enjoy a nice crisp and incredibly adorable mike’s hard pink lemonade.

Taking A Mommy Moment With Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade #mymikesmoment #MC #sponsored

This special addition lemonade can be found at many of your local stores, but I just so happen to find that swinging by my local Circle K is the most convenient option. Circle K stores are always very well organized and it’s easy to spot that fashionable pink package with the delicious pink lemonade. After I quick trip in and out of the store, I can head home to my favorite outdoor spot… the back deck! That’s where I can kick up my feet, sit back, admire the beautiful scenery in my back yard while quietly enjoying a crisp mike’s hard pink lemonade. There is so much more to admire about this brand other than the fantastic beverage they have created. Knowing that my purchase support breast cancer research, which is extremely important to me since one of my aunts is a breast cancer survivor. So the next time you are feeling overwhelmed with life and are needing a much deserved mommy moment… make sure to swing by your local Circle K and help support breast cancer research but purchasing a pack of the amazing mike’s pink hard lemonade!

Taking A Mommy Moment With Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade #mymikesmoment #MC #sponsored

About mike’s hard lemonade

· Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co., best recognized for its iconic mike’s® hard
lemonade, is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary.
· mike’s uses real lemons – the whole lemon, including both the juice and
the zest – to flavor its beverages resulting in the crispest, most
refreshing taste around.

About mike’s hard pink lemonade

· mike’s hard pink lemonade is a limited edition, seasonal flavor that’s on
shelves now and available until Octoberish.
· mike’s hard pink lemonade starts out with a crisp, bright citrus notes
and finishes tart and refreshing.
· Since 2009, mike’s hard lemonade has released its seasonal pink
lemonade flavor each year in support of breast cancer awareness and
has contributed more than $1 million to breast cancer research.

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