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Super Duper Publications: Fun Learning Materials For Kids Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Super Duper Publications for providing us with a free product for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

About Super Duper Publications

“Teachers and parents who have browsed the catalog or shopped from their extensive online store, , know that there are hundreds of products that are perfect for every kid on the list. Picking just 10 toys was no easy task, so the language specialists at Super Duper added a few stocking stuffer ideas! All potential presents are colorful, creative and educational toys that children adore.”

Games Reviewed


Hopping Frogs® Language Game

This hands-on, hopping good board game combines the fun of children helping their frogs “jump” from the “frog pond” (board) to their “lily pads” with development of early language and articulation skills. For articulation, the 420 game cards focus on earlier developing sounds (P, B, T, D, K, G, and F) in a fun and enjoyable way. Each sound has specific question cards for initial, medial, and final positions in single words. Hopping Frogs is flexible enough to allow you to work on a single target sound and position for all players, or address individual target sounds and positions for each player.

Go For The Dough® Board Game

Deliver pizzas, make big bucks, and increase vocabulary! Your students will love this fast-paced, vocabulary enriching and word meaning (semantics) board game. Go for the Dough! will help your children improve their word recall, describing, semantic flexibility, and phonemic awareness skills.
Players start at the Pizza Palace. As students drive their cars around the board to deliver their imaginary pizzas, they choose Super Dough Dollars. Each of the 480 Super Dough Dollars reviews a language skill that is crucial in expanding word knowledge. Best of all, the Dollars feel like real money—and won’t tear or rip!

Word Joggers® for Categories

The more knowledge students have about words—their attributes, associations, and categories—the quicker they can retrieve and provide information about those words in conversation. Word Joggers for Categories is a fun bingo game with colorful boards and cards that target language processing skills needed for identifying, describing, and categorizing items.
The vocabulary addresses six common categories (Animals, Food, Clothing, Home, School, and Transportation), with 24 items per category. Each category includes five bingo game boards and three sets of cards (Vocabulary Picture Cards, Attribute Cards, and Category Cards) for a total of 30 boards and 396 cards. You can use the bingo boards and cards in various combinations to target multiple objectives and to match students’ needs.
Word Joggers for Categories is intended for students with specific language processing difficulty in PreK through fifth grade and students learning English as a second language. You can easily adapt the materials for small group or individual therapy sessions in resource, classroom, and clinical settings. The instruction book includes multiple game ideas with varying degrees of difficulty.

Classifying Photo Fish

Little fishermen and women will get hooked on Classifying Photo Fish as they improve their sorting and classifying skills. These magnetic foam fish come with stickers showing photos of everyday items in the categories of Transportation, Clothing, Animals, Food, and Around the Home. Grab a fishing pole, choose a category, and reel in the fish that match it!








MagneTalk® Telling Time Game

Do you know what time it is? Kids learn to tell time in two different ways—first, on the traditional face clock, and then on the digital clock! Get a jump on early numbering and reading skills with the bonus “Sentence Maker” section. Use this section to match sentences to the clocks or add your own fun activities. Game includes one sturdy, magnetic game board (14″ x 18″), 24 magnetic number tiles (1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″), 47 magnetic “Sentence Maker” tiles.

Main Product Image

Ticklin’ Tongue Twister Pencils

Say this one! Ten tiny turtles sitting on a tiny tin tub turned tan! (Very good!) Assorted ticklers.

7 1/2″ long.





My Review

 We recently had the opportunity to review a wonderful collection of education toys from Super Duper Publications. I am a huge fan of educational games, anything that can entertain my children and teach them something is always a plus in my book. I love that all of these games are bright and colorful, they attract your child’s attention right away. Every single game was very nice quality and I can see them lasting many more years to come. My seven year old daughter was especially fond of the Hopping Frogs game and it was nice to see her enjoying a game, with her brother, and know that they were both gaining knowledge from it. One thing that I noticed from all of these games is that it teaches my children to be patient with one another, which is a difficult thing as they fight most of the time. These are not your typical boring and easily lost on the shelf type games… they are fun for the whole family and provide so many hours of bonding.

The Classifying Photo Fish was by far our most favorite game and we are in love with it! This great game comes with tons of foam fish with magnets on one side and pictures on the other. Players must use their magnetic fishing polls to “fish” in the pond and get the fish with their corresponding category. My three year old so was so delighted with this game and it really taught him patience as he tried to catch some fish from the pond. The pictures on the fish are bright and clear, simple enough for my son to distinguish which category they should be put into. The little tackle box is absolutely perfect and stores everything very neatly. My son takes this out all of the time to play and with so many fish to choose from, this game never gets old.

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