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moccasins1Choosing baby’s first shoes is a very exciting time and a one of the biggest milestone they will ever meet. There are so many different variety of shoes to choose from, where do you begin? One of the best style of shoes that I have found are ideal for those new walking feet are moccasins. Baby moccasins are stylish, practical, comfortable and kind to developing feet while also offering protection. This autumn First Baby Shoes has launched a new collection of baby moccasins. Using the best quality natural cow leather, they have created stylish, comfortable and practical baby foot ware. These baby moccasins are perfect for infants and toddlers alike whom are crawling, walking and/or running. With a wide toe box, soft suede bottoms and latex foam insoles inside, they are sure to make it a joy for your child to wear.


First Baby Shoes is a Polish brand creating high quality, cool and stylish baby shoe making kits. At First Baby Shoes they are extremely passionate about baby feet and believe that soft bone structure of a baby’s foot should be left to grow unrestricted. Soft and breathable natural leather and the flexible styrogum sole of First Baby Shoes doesn’t restrict baby‘s foot movement and allows your baby to feel natural freedom. This company prides themselves on carefully selecting the materials that are used in their shoes, to ensure that all of their shoes are of the highest quality. First Baby Shoes are made from the finest soft natural leather. The leather used is tested and meets European safety standards. Natural leather is the best material for shoes because it is breathable, durable and very flexible. The leather used in these baby shoes is natural, chrome free, butter-soft, durable and breathable!


My daughter has been using leather moccasins since those first few steps and I truly wish I had known about them when my older two kids were babies. They fit to her feet so comfortably, doesn’t restrict her movements and she is never pulling them off. I actually have to remove these shoes from her feet once she falls asleep for a nap because she loves wearing them that much. I am especially fond of the insoles, which makes for an even more comfortable walking experience for baby. I have seen a wide selection of baby moccasins over this past year and you can get a good idea of which are cheap and which are going to last… these are ones that are undoubtedly going to last! The quality is superior and and craftsmanship is amazing, I can see my daughter wearing these until she outgrows them!


If you are in the market for your child’s first pair of shoes, I highly recommend a pair of leather moccasins, you will be surprisingly pleased with them, I assure you! Please do not just settle for a cheaper pair, your baby’s feet will suffer, it is well worth making the infestment and purchasing a quality pair, such as Baby’s First Shoes.


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