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Stickeez Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thank to Artsi for being apart of our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide and providing us with free products for review!

Are you looking for fun and creative gifts for your children this Christmas? Then why not shop Artsi!? This wonderful company consists of three brands of products which include the following:


 Stickeez Treasure Boxes picture

Glitter Petz

 Glitter Petz Kitten picture


Plusheez Pals Bella (Owl) picture

My Review

When I first discoverer the amazing Artsi products, I knew immediately that my daughter was going to love them! Every year on her birthday, people are always asking me what type of toy she would like. I then proceed to explain to them that she would love nothing more than something that is “arts & craft” related. Her face lights up whenever she receives a gift like that and my craft closet is filled with her beautiful creations. You can only imagine how ecstatic she was when she received a box full of Stickeez products and she could not wait to get her hands on them. Stickeez allows you to take your favorite items and decorate them with beautiful gem like stickers. Each one of the kits below comes with a couple sheets of sticker gems and the items to decorate are number coded. For example, as you can see from the pictures below, each gem has its very own place on the jewelry box. Your child must use the chart to match the appropriate colored gem to its corresponding number. The end result is just beautiful and my daughter was so proud of herself. She just so happened to receive the Stickeez products on a day that she stayed home sick from school, this provided hours of entertainment while she rested and recuperated on the couch. I was very impressed with all three of the Stickeez kits and they have held up very well (stickers have all stayed in tact.) These would make excellent Christmas gifts for the crafty kids in your life!

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23 thoughts on “Stickeez Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. The kids love these and they are very entertaining. I love to see their results and how they used the Stickeez. This is great for days when the kids want to do something new.

  2. My girls love crafty stuff — and these look like they are fairly mess-free (except for the stickers that end up on the bottom of bare feet!). Perfect Christmas ideas!

  3. This is exactly the kind of fun craft I would have enjoyed as a child. I love how there’s so many sparkly choices!

  4. what kids doesn’t like stickers and the fact they look like jewels is even better. i like that they get to decorate their item themselves.

  5. What wonderful craft kits. We always gave craft and art supplies to our children for birthdays and Christmas. It gave them hours of things to do and encouraged their creativity. Now that we are grandparents, we are continuing the tradition. These Artsi products are perfect for our granddaughter either as a gift or to have on hand when she visits.
    Thanks for the review.

  6. This sounds like hours of fun for my daughters. It would make a wonderful Christmas present and something they could do together!

  7. I love products that encourage creativity and kids love stickers-this is Perfect!! Couldn’t of gotten yours at a better time,my kids are SO Bored when they are home sick from school….You can tell your princess was loving them

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