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RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

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RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

About RoomMates

“What makes RoomMates so special, you ask? It’s simple: quality is our first priority. Our wall decals regularly undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety standards and meet our high performance standards. We also strive to keep our prices low, so that our products are affordable on any budget. And finally, we believe that the functionality and style of our designs make them ideal for everyone, from kids to teens to adults.”

RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

My Review

Just like many of the young girls this summer, my daughter was completely infatuated when the Disney hit movie Frozen came out.  I have sung along to every song and have somehow managed to get equally entranced as my children when the movie is on. There is no doubt about it, Frozen is the must have movie of the year and we are so glad to have discovered a fantastic way to further our love for this movie. RoomMates has recently added an amazing service to their website, an entire program that allows you to create your very own Frozen decals. The first time my daughter and I sat down and visited the design studio, we were completely blown away with all of the options available. You literally have the ability to pick and choose how you would like to design each and every aspect of your decal. From the shape, border, characters, sayings and colors… the possibilities were endless!

RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

My daughter Skye and I must have spent over an hour together designing the Frozen decal. The design studio was so incredibly easy to use, Skye could have easily created this on her own, however I was having way too much fun, hehe! We decided a circle decal would be perfect for her room, as she had already envisioned placing it right above the head of her bed. We then chose a border, actually several borders because they were all so beautiful, but finally decided on the one you see in the image below. There are tons of Frozen images to choose from and Skye really wanted one with all of the characters, so she chose this gorgeous wintery one. We then started picking and choosing little things to add in the white areas, such as the snowflakes and the “family forever” saying. I thought it would be perfect to finish the decal with simply adding “Skye’s Room” to it… little did I know that there were an abundance of options to customize the characters as well. I must have spent another fifteen minutes trying to make it look perfect because there were so many great options to choose from. The design studio was just amazing and provides you with so many customizable options that you will truly be left with a unique and one of a kind decal!

RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

I must have been so consumed by the fun of creating this decal with my daughter because I did not even take into consideration the size. Having rented for so many years and a great amount of decorating done with wall decals, I assumed for the price of the decal, it wasn’t going to be any bigger than a piece of printer paper. How shocked and amazed was I when this generous sized Frozen decal arrived at our door… the look on my daughter’s face when I pulled it out of the package was unforgettable! I could not believe how big and beautiful the wall decal was, absolutely flawless and exactly how we had designed it! The colors are very vibrant, the designs are so elegant and the image in the center is breathtaking. Have I mentioned it didn’t cost an arm and a leg!? I was just recently shopping this past month, attempting to find some wall decals for a nursery project I was doing… only to be quickly discouraged by the outrageous prices. To be able to completely customize a wall decal of this size and see such high quality, I can not imagine shopping anywhere else again!

RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

My daughter’s Frozen wall decal also arrived with four smaller replicas of the larger one, which she really enjoyed placing on her door and around the room. I took a picture of my hand beside the decal to give you an idea of how big they are, which once again, they are generously sized for the price. Skye has relocated a few of the stickers in order to have them in the perfect places, which you would never be able to tell because they are so easy to remove and reapply. I had a terrible time trying to get the wall decals off from my daughter’s walls in the home prior to moving to our new house. These are not going to cause me one bit of trouble when they need to be removed, relocated or when my daughter simply outgrows them. Overall this is the perfect way to decorate a bedroom without the worry of removal or cleanup, plus it’s very affordable!

RoomMates New Frozen Custom Wall Decals

Frozen_customsale_300x250So what are you waiting for!? Go get the Frozen fan in your life and introduce them to the amazing design studio today and help  them create their very own Frozen Wall Decal … you will not be disappointed!


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