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Provide Your Baby Comfort With the Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket

A special thanks to Lambie&Me for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!


About The Lambie&Me Products

“Our goal with Lambie& Me is to offer parents durable, high quality products designed with love and care — like Lambie — that you and your kids will love. Chosen to endure years of snuggles, naps, car trips, as well as the unexpected bumps and falls of day to day life, our products are designed to last for as long as your family needs them.”


My first two children never had any interest in blankets or lovies, they would simply kick or throw them to the side if ever provided with one. My sweet baby Adeline on the other hand can not take a single nap without at least three of them surrounding her and nestled against her cheeks. Adeline absolutely despises driving in the car and the second she gets in the car seat, she is all out screaming! I eventually realized that the quickest way to settle this upset baby while driving in the car was to give her something that makes her feel safe. All she wants is to be in the safety of my arms, which obviously I can not provide her at the time, so offering her a lovie has been the next best thing. They have truly been one of the most used baby items in the home and I could not imagine life without them!


Lambie&Me recently introduced an adorable Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket to their already amazing collection of baby items. Upon receiving the Lambie Lovie, you will first notice that the satin material is a bit stuff, but that is because they have used the strongest satin available on the market. I highly suggest running it through the wash first, this is going to soften it up quite a bit. If you are a fan of muslin swaddles, then you know that these blankets will get softer over time and the more times you wash it. Well this Lambie Blanket is the same way! Not only is it going to get softer and cozier over time, but the high quality satin is going to help it to maintain it’s integrity. That way when your child is still loving their Lambie Blanket many years down the road, you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.


 The first thing that really stood out to me when we received the Lambie Lovie was how big it was, which made me fall in love with it even more. This is just brilliant and the size essentially makes it two products in one. Your baby will have the comfort and security of a soft blanket and the lamb for a best friend. Both the lambs head and  hands are extra soft and squishy, my daughter is currently teething and just loves to chew on them. She will snuggle up with her lambie at nap time, chew on his hands to sooth her teething pains, and before you know it she is sound asleep!


Security items are such an essential part of a child’s early years and can provide so much comfort to them. There are a few security items that I can distinctly remember having while growing up and they meant so much to me. Whether you are welcoming a new baby, have a friend that is expecting, or currently have an adorable baby in your arms like me… I highly recommend the Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket! You will not be disappointed with the quality of this product and I just know it will provide so much comfort to the little one in your life!


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27 thoughts on “Provide Your Baby Comfort With the Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket

  1. I believe every child needs something to snuggle with and these blankets sound like the ideal item. They are soft and would not chafe baby’s tender skin and will be their best buddy. I have a new niece on the way who I’m sure would be very happy with a Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket.

  2. My favorite stuffed animal in the world are sheep! So adorable and looks so soft. I may want one for me!! 🙂

  3. Love that not only do they have a soft blanket to keep them warm but also a snuggle stuffed animal which helps encourage them to hold on 🙂

  4. I like that it is made of plush satin. All babies need something to love and snuggle with. These are just awesome.

  5. I love the Lambie Lovie Snuggle Blanket because it is more then a toy.They way it is made with the double layer of ultra soft plush and strong satin material. This is something that your baby can hold on to for a very long time.

  6. My baby girl is 5 months and loves her blankets already, she really enjoys rubbing them on her face (and chewing on them!). I love how soft this one is, and the lamb is so adorable! This lovie would be perfect for her!

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