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Pop N’ Play Castle Review

A special thanks to Build a Dream Playhouses for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!


About Build a Dream Houses

Mission Statement

“At Build a Dream Playhouses™, we strive to deliver safe, affordable, eco-friendly products that stimulate and encourage the endless imagination of ALL children. Our quality products offer the tangible framework for children to place their intangible dreams.”

Their Story

“Build a Dream Playhouses™ was founded by a Cleveland father dedicated to the futures of the City of Cleveland, the State of Ohio, and the imaginations of children. To achieve that, and reflecting on his city’s hard times, he collaborated with the world famous Nottingham-Spirk Design Associates, a group of 3 to 9 year old children, and the Smurfit Stone Container Corporation, Build a Dream Playhouses™ is now proud to introduce to you what we believe to be the most innovative, fresh, and fun playhouses on the market. We hope you enjoy our products and we look forward to introducing many more in the near future.”

Our Review

Pop N’ Play Castle Review

We place so much time, research and effort in order to find our children that perfect birthday or Christmas gift. That special day rolls around and you are convinced they will be overjoyed with happiness at this perfect gift you just presented them. The gift is open, your child is ecstatic, you have it pulled out of the box and no more than two minutes later they are on the floor having the time of their life with the box. Does this not sound like Christmas morning every single year? I swear I have a dozen photos of my children using boxes for imaginary play while their brand new toy sits in the corner. As much as I would love to keep those boxes for them to play with, they never seem to last long and of course take up precious living space. So what is a family with box loving children to do?

Please let me introduce you to an amazing company, called Build a Dream Houses that has resolved this issue for all the children out there! Not only have they turned a simple box into a fun playhouse for kids, but they have made it easy for parents to fold it up and store when not in use. We had the pleasure of reviewing the Pop N’ Play Castle and my three year old son has greatly enjoyed it this past week.

 As you can see from the collage above, this is a very sturdy castle that offers a variety of ways for your child to use their imagination. With windows, doors and a drawbridge, you can guarantee my son was having the time of his life pretending to be a knight in his castle

 The Pop N’ Play Castle is also the perfect afternoon art project and a great way for your child to express his/her artistic side. There is so much surface area for my son to color, this is really going to keep him occupied for many afternoons.

 I have to say that I am surprised by the durability of this castle and that it has survived being relocated and even brought outside for the day. I just adored watching my son grab some of my plants and decorate his castle, it was so unbelievably sweet! He would even store his toys and afternoon snack in the the little cupboard at the bottom of the castle. He was delighted when his sister got home from school and was able to play along with him. Overall we are 100% satisfied with this product! This has provided hours of entertainment for my children, helped them to express their imagination, and is easy to store away. I would highly recommend this product to my fans, as it is much more durable and long lasting than the standard cardboard box.

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30 thoughts on “Pop N’ Play Castle Review

  1. That’s a very creative playhouse! Does it really fold up and put away easily? We have a tiny house so it HAS to get put away when not in use!

  2. My kids love playing with all kinds of boxes so I couldn’t imagine how excited they would be with one that they can actually play in that looks like something! it would probably get destroyed though because they are crazy. lol

  3. All I had to see were the words “durable” and “sturdy!” I have a 3 year old nephew who would adore these playhouses! He is rough and tumble, but very imaginative- this looks like the best product for him! Thanks for the review!

  4. What a great playhouse. Your review is great because when you look at it, it doesn’t look very sturdy. Your review helped to dispel that thought. Thanks!

  5. I love your in depth explanation, pictures, & links to the company. Then we get a chance to thoughtful & generous!! This will go to my lil church, so fingers, toes crossed, thank you!!

  6. My kids are always using couch cushions or cardboard boxes to build forts and castles. They would love to get one of these!

  7. This looks like something my kids would adore! They are always building and playing in “things” they make out of boxes, but this takes it to a whole new level! The castle is adorable and how cool that it has the little table and cupboard. This is on my list of gift ideas this year, thanks for the review.

  8. 2x the fun – outside/inside!! Looks like a lot of imaginative fun. Plus the little guy in the pic is wearing a big smile decorating his home with that crayon. I am glad that the cardboard is durable or it would never last in our house. Now maybe my blankets would get a rest from being turned into tents!

  9. This is such a neat idea! I have 3 boys and let me tell you this would keep them busy for hours!!!!

  10. I’m sort of a montessori slanted mama, so I really like this product. I think it’s good for mental growth and creativity!

  11. I must keep this in mind when my little one get better. This is such a great idea and I love the fact that you can colour it 😀

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