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Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

A special thanks to Öko créations  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

About Öko créations

“Since August 2009, Öko Creations has been designing, manufacturing and distributing environmentally-friendly textile products for the whole family. Marie-Noël and Melanie Beetz, sisters with strong ecological and humanitarian values, are at the heart of this family business. Their unique experiences in textile design, health sciences and travel, combined with a childhood steeped in the smells of fabrics and the whir of sewing machines, led them to this path of entrepreneurship in the field of textile manufacturing.”

Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

My Review

My first two children had no interest in blankets when they were babies and all of the adorable ones I so looked forward to using collected dust on the shelf. Looking back at those years I realize that it’s quite possible that they were just not happy with the ones I was offering them. As I prepared to welcome my third child into this world (with a greater knowledge of using eco-friendly products) I began searching for companies that made organic baby blankets. My search eventually let me to a wonderful company called Öko créations, a company that creates such elegant and high quality eco-friendly products for mom and baby. From bath towels to diaper bags, the collection is simply amazing and I am so in love with all their designs. I found myself especially fond of the beautiful Enchanted Forest Organic Cotton Baby Blanket, which has quickly become my newborn daughter’s favorite! They are not exaggerating on the description of this blanket when Öko créations states “A high quality blanket, so soft for baby’s skin!” The softness and stretchiness of this blanket reminds me of my baby wrap and it makes swaddling Adeline so easy.

Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

As you can see from the smiles and content look on her face, Adeline adores this blanket just as much as I do. She is my first baby that actually holds blankets while napping and requires one when I rock her to sleep. Just today I draped this blanket across her as I rocked her to sleep and she fell asleep right away. I put her in her swing once asleep and she proceeded to clench the blanket and snuggle it for the remainder of her nap. She seems to sleep so much better during the day when I put her down for a nap with it and I am very confident it’s the softness that she loves. Fantastic quality and extreme softness aside… I am completely in love with this print! The colors and forest animals on the blanket are perfect and it’s such a breath of fresh air to escape from all the pinks and purples and indulge in a more earthy look. The fact that Öko créations creates their products with sensitive skin in mind means a lot to me, as my family is prone to hives and eczema if exposed to harsh scents or fabrics. Knowing that my baby is completely free of those harsh chemicals and rough fibers is very reassuring.

This blanket is truly a treasure and one that I know is going to be loved by my sweet baby girl for many years.

Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

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27 thoughts on “Öko créations Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Review

  1. The blanket is so adorable, and so is your daughter! She truly does look happy in the blankets. I love that OKO uses environmentally-friendly textiles!!! I am due in November, and I hope my baby loves blankets! Thanks!

  2. I love that they are environmentally friendly, use organic cotton/hemp in their products. Theses blankets are beautiful and being family owned is wonderful as well. Would love one with first baby on the way. thanks!

  3. My new grandson also loves holding his blanket when he sleeps. You make this sound like one he’d like to snuggle into.

  4. My little guy likes blankets, but is picky and so far we have only found 1 he really likes. So when it’s time to wash he he totally melts down. to have another blanket like this i think would be wonderful.

  5. I had never heard of OKO creations before reading your review. I look for organic products for my grandkids because they are softer and made without chemicals for their sensitive skin. Your adorable Adeline looks very content in her blanket. The Enchanted Forest print is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  6. LOVE that the Size of the blanket is 40 x 42 inches! I hate when they are a small square of fabric and wont even wrap around the baby. Well done

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