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Nuby Whale Pail Sea Scooper Review

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Product Description

“Make bath time easier and more enjoyable with the Nuby Sea Scooper! After bath time fun is over, Nuby Whale Pail makes cleaning quick and easy. Watch your baby giggle with delight as you scoop your favorite Nuby bath toys into the whale’s tummy. Tha pail has special drain holes built-in allowing excess water to easily drain away from the toys and quickly air dry. Equipped with easy installation wall hooks. Nuby’s Whale Pail keeps bath time toys neatly on the bathroom wall.”

My Review

Prior to receiving the Nuby Whale Pail, we had been using small tubs to store the bath toys when they weren’t being used. I could never find one that would fit all of the toys while still properly draining water and allowing them to dry. I also could never find an effective way to encourage my children to clean up there bath toys once they are done taking a bath. What a sense of relief to have discovered a product that has resolved both of those issues! My children have come up with an elaborate game in which they make the whale eat all of their toys, fun and resourceful! The Nuby Whale Pail can easily be hung up with the plastic hook that is provided. Once the pail is hung up properly, the drain holes at the bottom allow all the excess water to drain and for the toys to properly dry. I am extremely impressed with the size of the Whale Pail and how much is has helped to keep my bathroom looking neat and organized. This does not even come close to comparing to anything else I have used in the past! If you are looking for a creative way to store your children’s bath toys while preventing them from growing mildew, then this product is for you. This frugal family recommends it 100% and we know you will agree!

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  • Bealls

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33 thoughts on “Nuby Whale Pail Sea Scooper Review

  1. That looks awesome! I have been looking for something for my kids bath toys, but a couple other things I’ve bought haven’t held up to the weight of the toys and they broke! So disappointing. We will have to try this!

  2. Love this! I have a hard time getting the kids to clean up the bath toys but now Mr Whale can just “eat” them. Very Fun!

  3. i love this. i love how it comes with a hook to hang it on-which helps when someone else wants to use the bathtub. and then it also drains well. that is so nice because it keeps the toys from becoming yucky and smelly that way. plus it would encourage my kids to pick those toys up out of the tub instead of me having to do it.

  4. Right now I have a corner toy thing and it never stays! Also, since we moved we don’t have a corner in the shower anymore! I like that you can just scoop up the toys with this, saves some time! haha! Plus it is super cute 🙂

  5. This is great! My husband and I have been trying to find something to be able to keep our son’s bath toys actually in the tub to dry without getting moldy from lack of air.

  6. The end of bath time is a struggle. No wanting to quit play time and put up their toys. Most of the toys do not dry out I agree with you on that one. I would love to give this a try.

  7. My children are grown gut for the moment my grandson and our daughter are living with us. He giggles in the bath the entire time and I can just imagine his laughter with This Whale of a scoop!! So cute and an efficient yet fun way to clean up the bath toys.

  8. i have a boy who would love this and then they would have fun and then it easy to keep the stuff clean and out of the place to fall

  9. My friend registered for something like this and I’ve been wanting one ever since! What a great way to clean out the tub and keep toys dry!

  10. This is so cute I love that you can put the toys inside of it.Keeps the tub from being messy & I love the fish theme for our bathroom.

  11. my sister inlaw has one of these and im told that she loves it! and the kids too can never make bathtime too fun!!

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