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Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey Review

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About The Product:



“Hilariously funny, the Nuby Tickle Toes are soft, adorable and make the perfect playmate for your child. A gentle squeeze of the foot makes character giggle and chuckle and is guarenteed to have you and your child do the same. Choose from the wide range of popular children’s character or better still, collect them all!”


My Review:


My son has never shown much interest when it comes to stuffed animals. He is your typical rugged little boy with a monster truck in one hand and a Thomas the train in the other. When he’s not destroying towers of legos with his Thor hammer, he’s pegging me with tennis balls. So I was extremely surprised when he began playing with his new tickle toes and actually enjoyed it! I can’t begin to tell you the amount of  stuffed animals we own that take little ones forever to find the button and mom ends up pressing it a hundred times for them. The tickle toes monkey requires a gentle squeeze and is very easy to find. The laugh that responds upon “tickling” the monkey’s toes is absolutely contagious! My son will instantly smile when his monkey begins laughing! It didn’t take him long to realize that it doesn’t  take much effort to make his monkey laugh, so he began actually tickling his toes (which still caused the monkey to laugh.) It was such a delight to see my son imitate something that I do to him and I couldn’t help but laugh along with him. As soon as my six year old daughter got home from school, my son couldn’t wait to show her his new monkey. Although she is clearly too old for such a toy, she was quickly drawn in by the monkey’s contagious laugh. This tickle toes is also very soft and perfect for cuddling during nap time.

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Tickle Toes includes a wide range of characters, which you can view here
You can purchase your very own Tickle Toes at, K-Mart,,,




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14 thoughts on “Nuby Tickle Toes Monkey Review

  1. I love this. My daughter loves to giggle and tickle. This would make the perfect friend for her! ♥

  2. They are really cute, and I think my son would really enjoy it as well! Or it would make the perfect gift 🙂 I’m glad your son liked playing with his!

  3. How cute! These look fun. I love how easy it is for little ones to find and push the buttons!

  4. I just love your items and I know my kids would too. Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to win one 🙂

  5. OMG …My grandson Jj. would fall in love with one of these … He loves to play “Tickle Monster” so I know this he would love …& that much more for the fact that it also giggles!!! Thank you!!

  6. My Grandson has a couple different toys that giggle or laugh when you interact with them. Whenever he hears them laugh he will start to laugh so hard he has a hard time catching his breath. Whenever a child laughs like that it is impossible to do anything but laugh along. A sure way to brighten ANY day!

  7. I think my son would absolutely live the monkey as well! sounds like it would be perfect for him to be able to make the monkey laugh on his own!

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