Super Straw Easy Grip Cup Review

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Nuby Super Straw Easy Grip Cup Review


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About The Product:


“Moving your baby off a cup and onto straw drinking is recommended to help promote natural healthy drinking. That’s why this cup incorporates Nuby Super Straw. It is No-Spill and made of soft silicone that is easy to use and assemble. It also allows your child’s palate and teeth to develop naturally. The straw features our touch-flow valve that only allows fluid to flow with the sucking action of a child and closes when sucking action ceases, ensuring a leak-resistant cup. This cup also features an innovative, ergonomic shape with easy-grips on the bottle the ensures a comfortable, secure grasp. This revolutionary design is made for the child on the go and is great for day picnics, hikes, and other recreational activities.”



My Review:


If you have read any of my previous Nuby reviews, then you’ve probably picked up on the fact that my son loves to make messes. One of his favorite things to make messes with are his drinks. I have searched high and low for a spill proof cup that isn’t just labeled “spill proof,” but IS actually spill proof! I have tried dozens and my son always seems to discover a new way to make his drink leak and spill out all over the place. Another common problem I have had with many cups is that even though they are not suppose to leak, once that cup gets knocked onto its side, it will always leak. There’s also the infamous spout explosion from when my son shakes his drink, causing all his milk to either foam or spray out the straw. Needless to say, this mama was tired of dealing with leaking  sippy cups! So we switched to big kid cups that my son was only allowed to drink from at the dinner table. Well that was also a failure as half of his lunch or dinner would end up in his cup… and so we settled with leaky cups. That was until I discovered Nuby’s Super Straw Easy Grip Cup. This amazingly built cup lives up to its description and absolutely does not leak! It took my son a little bit to get use to drinking out of such a heavy duty straw, but he eventually got it down. He can now dance around with his cup, kick it across the room, shake it all about and not a single drop will land on my carpet! I am overjoyed to have found this cup and would recommend this to all my mommy fans that have encountered some of the same problems I mentioned earlier in the post.

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One thought on “Super Straw Easy Grip Cup Review

  1. We have a few of those cups, and the kids love them! They get used to drinking out of it after a while. I too love that it doesn’t spill and it’s easy to hold.

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