Nuby Step-up Stool Review

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Step Up Stool

Product Description

No-Slip top holds up to 800 pounds!

This Nûby™ Step-up Stool has a No-Slip Top and No Skid Base that adds to the sturdy and convenient design. It holds up to 800 pounds and is perfect for getting to those hard to reach places. Textured surface provide the necessary grip for safe usage, and it is small enough to store discreetly.

 My Review

Turning three is a very exciting milestone indeed! You’re old enough to start doing many things interdependently, however your arms are just out of reach when it comes to getting what you need. Washing your hands, brushing your teeth, and using the “big boy potty” are all new adventures that a three year old very much loves doing on their own. Little Mr. Frugal recently had the opportunity to review the Nuby Step-up Stool and he could not be more pleased with it! This light weight stool with easy to grip handles makes transporting very easy, as we find it useful both upstairs and downstairs. The stool also contains an excellent skid base so I never worry about my son getting injured while using the stool. The no slip top is also another great feature which is even effective when the stool gets wet. My son makes quite the mess when washing his hands and I no longer have the worry that he will slip when he gets down from the stool. Overall this stool has been a lifesaver around the house and has allowed my three year old to grow more independent and confident in his daily routines. I highly recommend this stool to all the families out there with little ones ready to do things on their own but need a little help getting there!



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