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Nuby Potty Seat Review & Potty Training Adventures With Little Mr. Frugal

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Potty Seat

Product Description

The Nuby Potty Seat is sized just right for your little one, the stand-alone potty features a non-skid base, comfortable seat, and removable basin that is easy to empty and easy to clean.

My Review & Potty Training Adventures

The potty we had been using to help Little Mr. Frugal potty train was not designed appropriately for little boys and my son was having a very difficult time being able to go the bathroom without peeing everywhere.  This essentially hindered him from ever wanting to use it again and would cause a series of tantrums if I even mentioned using the potty. I knew we really needed to replace this one and find something that prevented messes and made him feel more comfortable using. At this point, I wasn’t even able to put a pair of underwear on him without causing him to cry and then beg me to let him wear I diaper. I had my doubts that maybe it wasn’t the potty, but simply the fact that he just wasn’t ready to potty train. I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat, determined that I would be changing his diaper until he was 5! My first born potty trained without any problems, so I was really at a loss with this one.

And then the Nuby Potty Seat arrived at our front door…

With a look of uncertainty, he stood there examining the potty with a serious and cautious approach. Little Mr. Frugal took quite some time to examine this new potty of his before deciding maybe this potty training thing isn’t such bad idea!

I was immediately impressed with the Nuby Potty Seat from the moment I saw it, as I knew it would resolve the issues that were preventing my son from wanting to potty train. The basin was designed perfectly for little boys and the curved front makes it impossible for them to pee anywhere but in the bowl. I loved that it was light weight and easy to move throughout the house, as well as simple to bring with us while on the go. One of my favorite features would have to be that this seat is so easy to take apart and clean! You actually don’t have to take it apart at all to clean it, you simply pick up the bowl. This was a pretty great feature for me as the previous potty required that I take apart three pieces in order to empty and clean the bowl, yikes!

So how is potty training going at the Miss Frugal Mommy household???


I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that my son was fully potty trained after two days of using this potty! YES… you read that correct… two days!!!  We’re talking no diapers during the day or at bedtime. I am completely shocked and surprised at how quickly we went from crying over putting underwear on to fully potty trained in just a matter of days. Unbelievable! His confidence has soured with the Nuby Potty Seat, as he no longer misses when peeing (which was really making him upset before.)

Thank you Nuby for designing a simple and effective potty, one that does not over complicate or intimidate! You are truly a life saver!

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46 thoughts on “Nuby Potty Seat Review & Potty Training Adventures With Little Mr. Frugal

  1. thank you for the helpful review. I think this looks like a great potty to use when the time comes for PTing around here. glad to hear its going so well for you guys!

  2. That looks like a nice seat but I’m wondering how big it is? My baby and I practice part time EC and I’d love to have another potty in the house. She’s very comfortable on the little one she has but it’s a little tricky to clean because it’s all one solid piece. I like that this one has a removable bowl and nice colors! I just hope it would be small enough for my 9 month old baby girl to use it comfortably.

  3. This would really come in handy with my little nephew who is now 3 and still shows no signs of wanting to go potty on the potty. So this would be good for when he finally decides he is ready.

  4. Wow, this potty seat looks very functional and as if it would be an extremely great way to help children potty train!

  5. Looks like a good product to try out for the little’s one’s when they are being potty trained.

  6. Oh my, this seat is so much better priced than many others out there, and easy to transport too!

  7. This review was posted at the perfect time, I am currently trying to find a good potty chair. Thank you for this

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  9. We have a potty that we received as a shower gift, but I’m a little worried about it being good for my son … I am grateful for your review, as you have real-life experience that will likely be similar to mine. Also I love Nuby products!

  10. This looks very cool. We are going to be starting potty training again after 7 years, so this is definitely a better looking option, and much easier to clean than what we had before.

  11. I am currently trying to potty train my daughter. Whoever said girls are easier, well, I’m having a different experience! I’m so grateful I found your review. I’m going to give this a try!

  12. My grandson will be potty training soon and having a potty chair that’s sturdy is key along with elastic waist pants for quick releases.

  13. I have a potty (given to me by my mom) that has one of those removeable cups in the front for boys. I never liked those because of them being to take them off and they never seems to catch everything. I may have to look into getting this for when we start to potty train….seems a lot less of a headache! 🙂

  14. What a great review! Can’t wait to go get one for my twins to try, they are getting interested in the potty now, so i better get one quick! Thanks!

  15. well with big family we have little one running around and this would be great for the get tog her for our family and then the kid can have his on toilet

  16. I really love that it is so easy to clean. I’m struggling right now with my nearly 2 1/2 year old — if only I could get her to actually sit on a potty!!

  17. My son is 20 months and we are right about to start potty training, I love that this seat has such a high guard in the front. I think that would help a lot!

  18. I have had my eye o the Nuby potty seat as my granddaughter is nearing the training time. The Nuby looks like the ideal training tool, well designed and easy to use for busy moms.

  19. I need this potty. My older toddler tore apart a generic one we had. Nuby’s looks like it will hold up for my 2nd child.

  20. This sounds like maybe what we need. My son is three and refuses to go to the potty. We had a Cars potty that when you pulled the lever it made noise and my son used it but my DH decided to toss it and insisted on installing a toddler seat on the toilet itself. Makes no sense.. how will he get up there? What if that bathroom is occupied? and mine is open? I think this might just be the answer to my prayers!

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