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Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy #Review

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Product Description

“The Nuby Octopus Floating Bath Toy teaches coordination and enjoyment. This toy is designed with your baby in mind. This product exceeds all government safety standards.”

My Review

The Nuby Octupus Floating Bath Toy is not only a fun toy in the bath, but also great entertainment when just playing with it on the floor! I find my son playing with this toy both in and out of the bath tub and shouting with excitement when he lands a ring around the octopus leg. Not only is this toy good for his coordination, but it also teaches him patience. He is a very fast paced little guy, so watching him sit quietly and concentrate on making the rings land on the leg is always great to see! The most important lesson my son takes from using this toy is the understanding that he doesn’t need to get upset if he misses trying to get the ring around the octopus leg. We all know how terrible those twos can be, so helping him to react positively (when things don’t go his way) has been a great lesson for him to discover. Would you think, at first glance, that this little octopus bath toy could teach your child so many important life lessons!? It’s truly a wonderful toy that every child should have in their bath toy collection!

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