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Nuby Medical Kit Review

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Medical Kit


Product Description

“This Nûby Medical Organizer Kit was created to fulfill most of your baby’s home care needs. With the patented Sure-Dose Medicine Dropper and Spoon you will worry less about inaccurate dosage measurements. The Medi-Nurser was uniquely designed to bypass most of baby’s taste buds when administering oral medicine or vitamins. Also included is a Nasal Aspirator that doubles as an ear syringe. Set also includes a Digital Thermometer. We even designed a unique scaled down Nail Clipper for your toddler’s small nails!”

My Review

 The Nuby Medical Kit is an essential group of items that will make life easier when your little one is sick. Administering medicine is never easy and often takes many attempts. Every child is different and has their own preferred method of taking medicine. My daughter always took medicine without any hesitation, making the syringe and spoon ideal for her. My son on the other hand would see these items coming and immediately cover his mouth. I soon discovered that the medi-nurser was the only way I could get him to take medicine.  With such a great variation of items to choose from, you are sure to find one that will best fit your child’s preference. The Nuby Medical Kit is great quality and something I would recommend to all new moms and families with young children!

nuby medical kit review

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