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Nenuco Let’s Play School Review

A special thanks to Nenuco  for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Nenuco Let's Play School Review


About Nenuco

“With Nenuco, children repeat daily routines…eating, bathing, dressing, going for a walk in the park…They learn to be responsible, taking care of their baby, at the same time they develop their capacity for communication and kindness.”

“There are a lot of Nenucos… It’s a whole world of play! Nenuco continues to grow with a full range of infant to toddler dolls… there’s a My First Nenuco, who is soft and is three months’ old, there are Nenucos who don’t have any hair yet, who wet their diapers and even drool. There are Nenucos who are beginning to walk and already have hair, also boys, girls and different ethnicities.”

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

About the Let’s Play School Play Set

“Comes with everything you need to be the best teacher! Includes lesson plans, desk, Matching teacher and doll glasses, and more! Teach science, math, history…so much learning fun! 16.5” Doll.”

My Review

 We are no strangers to the Nenuco brand and were first introduced to this great company when reviewing the Sleep With Me Baby Doll & Cradle. This is something that my daughter still loves and uses every single night when tucking her into bed, so I could not wait to review another product from the Nenuco line. While removing everything from the box, I could not believe how much was included in the Let’s Play School set. First lets take a look at the sweet and adorable doll included with this set. She is dressed in the perfect little outfit, as well as proper shoes that finish the ensemble perfectly. This set also includes a great amount of teaching resources, allowing your child to actually engage in “teaching” a lesson. Dry erase markers, dry erase board & eraser, maps, activity sheets, activity books and stickers just to name a few. A school bell, an actual desk for the doll and a book attached to the dry erase board that teaches about the body. All of these fantastic features provides hours of fun and learning for your child!

Nenuco Let's Play School Review


 Here are some of the features on the dry erase board. Your child can change the time, choose what activity the class is on, and learn about the different muscles and bones.

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

 This dry erase board can also transform into a desk for your child, where they can plan out the week as well as work on the activity sheets. The dry erase board also has a clear plastic pocket to slide the activity sheets in so that your child can teach her favorite lessons again and again!

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

 Worried about all those small pieces and papers getting lost? No need to worry because there is a very convenient storage area in the back that even includes a plastic pouch for the smaller pieces.

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

 How adorable are these matching glasses? I was overwhelmed with all the cuteness when my daughter first showed me the matching glasses.

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

 My favorite feature of this set was that it brought my children together and they were able to enjoy something together without any fighting. My daughter was delighted to have the opportunity to teach her little brother all that she knew and he was taking it all in. How could a mother not be full of smiles when observing your children playing and learning together? Overall I was extremely impressed with this doll set, but most importantly, so were my children! This is more than just a doll set, it’s a creative way to engage learning and encourage learning.

Nenuco Let's Play School Review

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