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Nancy B’s Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

A special thanks to Educational Insights‏ for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

About Educational Insights

“Based in Southern California, Educational Insights, is the manufacturer of playful products with serious educational value, including subject-specific classroom products, teacher resources, educational toys, and games. Our products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that, first and foremost, learning must be fun.”

Nancy B's Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

Product Description

“Zoom in on the fun with the Nancy B Microscope! From peacock feathers and goldfish scales to your own skin and cheek cells, get up close and personal with this 2-in-1 light and dissecting microscope. The included keepsake journal features 22 pages of fun science experiments for kids and activities from observation to creative writing, drawing, and more.” 


Nancy B's Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

 My husband and I had just recently been discussing whether we should purchase our daughter a microscope in order to keep her learning for the summer. I was so excited when Educational Insights informed me that they would be sending us a microscope (geared towards girls her age) and I could not wait to see what my daughter thought of it. She spent the rest of the week collecting things from the yard while patiently waiting for the microscope to arrive in the mail. She would get off from the bus every single day and the first words out of her mouth were “Is my microscope in yet?” It’s always wonderful when you’re children are excited about an educational toy! The Nancy B’s Microscope was finally there to greet her Friday afternoon and we spent the rest of the evening testing it out.

Nancy B's Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

It only took a few minutes to teach my daughter how to use the microscope and the handles are simple enough for her to remember. Before I knew it she was swapping out slides and adjusting the view all on her own.  The Nancy B microscope conveniently includes slides that already contain items for your child to view.  My daughter’s reaction to seeing the goldfish scale under the microscope for the first time was simply priceless. Her excitment upon placing another slide in the microscope and bringing it into focus was such a delight to observe.

Nancy B's Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

 This kit also includes a stack of slides for you to place your own specimens under. We were unfortunately stuck inside on a rainy day and unable to retrieve anything from the yard. However, my daughter had the genius idea of using one of the leaves from my house plant to observe under the microscope. There are plastic tools that allow her to cut the leaf into a small section, tweezers to place it on the slide and clear tape to secure it in place. Her reaction once seeing it under the microscope was even more adorable, as there was a hint of pride from the fact that she had created this slide all on her own.

Nancy B's Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

Our overall impressions are very positive and my daughter is completely infatuated with this microscope. She has been going through the Activity Journal trying to absorb every little detail and create new slides for the microscope. The journal is overflowing with information and ideas, plenty of information to keep her busy for quite some time. An educational toy that both excites and educates my child is at the top of my list. I highly recommend the Nancy B’s Microscope for your daughter this summer, I just know she is going to love it as much as mine did! If you’re planning to buy a microscope for your child or yourself (because curiosity and science don’t have an age limit), here’s a student stereo microscope for your needs.  There are different types of microscopes, which are used for a variety of purposes. You don’t need to get the same microscope that scientists use in laboratories if your purpose is to use the tool for simple home experiments.

The Summer Science Scholarship – for ages 8 to 17 – is now open for entry by May 1st, 2014 on the Nancy B’s Science Club website. The winner will receive $500 plus five science tools to help make their science dreams come true.

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29 thoughts on “Nancy B’s Microscope by Educational Insights‏ Review

  1. My grandson has so many questions and is so into science, meteorology, and things like that. I just know he would love this as much as your daughter does. You can see how much she enjoyed and her concentrating on what she was doing

  2. my grandson Aaron would love to have this, he is so big into science and so proud of him,, thanks for share and great reivew @tisonlyme143

  3. I love that this product is so interactive and allows the child to explore by making their own slides. It is fun but very educational as well- great product!

  4. I think that this product is great.Seems like a fun way to get kids involved with science.

  5. Hi! My granddaughter would so love this she is learning fast and really ask a lot about nature. I know we would have hour of fun exploring and learning!

  6. I know most kids would have fun with this. I love the hands on practice. So many kids do not know much about science instruments. This would also add that benefit.

  7. I love this stuff! That is exactly the kind of toys my father would buy me…. even a science kit with a dissection tray and frog…. I had a 100 average in Biology…. this was an awesome thing to do in my spare time as a kid and I would LOVE to win this for my daughter!

  8. I think I might have more fun with this than my kids 🙂 I’ve always loved the field of microbiology and hope that my daughter has an interest too. I would love to see if she would like a microscope!

  9. Great review. My granddaughter would love to have this kit for her upcoming birthday. She would have a blast discovering new things under the microscope.

  10. I think that Nancy B is a wonderful product to open the eyes of a child to the wonders of nature and the world and this microscope is amazing, and to see the joy and delight in a child’s eyes when they see something magnified is amazing.

  11. My sons would love to have a microscope! The reviews on this one are head and shoulders above any others I have found!

  12. I really appreciate real reviews. I hate to spend money on something that ends up not being worth it. I think you weighed the pros and cons very well.

  13. I had a microscope growing up but it didnt have nearly as many things as this one does or could I make my own slides. I always found it fascinating to see things under a microscope and I’m sure my sister would enjoy it also since our son is too young at the moment.

  14. What a great item for budding scientists. Hopefully they’ll convince more kids to go into science.

  15. My grandson would love to have a Nancy B’s Microscope. It’s fun to be involved in introducing your own grandchildren to the wonders of nature and contribute to their love of science.

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