My Sweet Baby Adeline: 3 Months Of Life

My Sweet Baby Adeline 3 Months Of Life

I can’t believe I am saying this because it seems like just yesterday I was holding a brand new newborn in my arms… my sweet baby Adeline has been apart of our life for three months now. Once a sleepy, teeny, tiny baby that slept far more hours than she opened her eyes… now an alert, babbling, squealing with excitement baby girl. She reaches for toys, squeezes them, chews on them and stares at them in amazement. Each time our eyes meet she is overfilled with joy and makes the most adorable screech and nuzzles into my neck. My heart is filled with so my joy and happiness, I am so in love with this baby of mine! She has two older siblings that are smitten with her and are always going out of their way to make her happy when she cries.

Adeline has changed so much these past few months and it is so wonderful to watch her grow. While I am saddened to see her getting big so quickly, I am anxious to see her reach all those exciting milestones. Babies truly give you a perspective on the world and that it is an amazing place. Each and every little things is so amazing and new to them and watching them discover the world is an unexplainable experience. She is such a happy baby, so easy to make happy and you can make her smile almost over anything.

It never ceases to amaze me… the miracle of life! I still can not believe that I grew this human being for nine months, then brought it into this world. I hope you enjoy some candid photos of my little miracle from these past three months!



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Adeline Meeting Her Grandpa


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  1. I have a 3 month old also. I loved seeing your pictures! Now I’m going to have to go reminisce with Aurora’s pictures! What a cutie pie you have.

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