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Must Have Baby Clothes For Your Newborn

Must Have Baby Clothes For Your Newborn

I remember with each and every one of my three children the excitement and anticipation that led up to finding out what we were having. I so badly wanted to know whether I needs to go out and buy every adorable pink dress or all of the sweet little blue onesies. Finding out the sex of your baby is by far one of the biggest moments of your pregnancy and once you do know, it’s time to fill up their closet with adorable outfits. But with all of the stores both online and in store… where in the world are you suppose to begin? I have broken my list down to my three most favorite stores that sell quality baby clothes that I just know you are going to love. I just adore all three of these stores and their baby clothes are both unique and extraordinary. You are going to find some of the most beautiful outfits ever when searching their online store!

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Clothing


“The Burt’s Bees Baby™ brand was thoughtfully crafted in the glow of the Burt’s Bees® brand mission. Very simply, we wanted to bring you a product line that would nurture our children – soft, natural pieces, and 100% organic. Building on a culture of caring and well being, our mission is to create a collection that frees families to relax, enjoy and revel in every moment with their little ones. To dwell inside a honey-filled hive of warmth and love where we can stop time for just a little while”

Burt’s Bees Baby includes an impressive selection of clothing made from organic cotton. Why is organic cotton so much better than regular cotton you ask? Well simply because it is significantly softer. I can personally say that I quite often find that regular cotton is irritating on my skin, so I can only imagine the discomfort my newborn can feel from a rougher material on her skin.

Another reason my baby loves Burt’s Bee’s Baby clothing is because organic cotton is not only soft, but it is also breathable. I babywear my daughter almost the entire day and living in Georgia, things get a bit hot around her. I babywear in the house, in the yard, at the park, while running errands… basically anywhere we go! Having a breathable material in hot weather is essential for keeping baby cool, I don’t want her to get sweaty or overheat.

Organic cotton is also free from harsh chemicals and pesticides, you never have to worry about your child being exposed to that nasty stuff!

One of my most favorite features about organic cotton that many people don’t know is that it gets softer the more times you watch it! Yes, that is correct! This outfit will actually get better over time and won’t look worn out or old after several washes. It’s one of those things that truly looks better with age!

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Zutano Baby Clothes


“From their first breaths to their first smiles, their first words to their first steps—every moment in a child’s life is to be celebrated. Zutano recognizes the role it plays in the life of a little boy or girl and proudly creates products as bright and unique as each child, with a seemingly infinite variety of colors and patterns to stimulate or to soothe. From mix and match baby clothing and accessories to crib bedding, nursery furniture, gear, booties, hats, and décor—Zutano brings energy and quality into everything it creates.”

What stands out most when it comes to Zutano products is how bright, colorful and vibrant everything is! The unique prints and elegant color schemes result in some of the most adorable outfits I have ever laid eyes on. I had the pleasure of reviewing the Elephantasia Newborn Banded Waist Dress, Hot Pink Newborn Pants and Elephantasia Newborn Cap Sleeve Bodysuit. The perfects outfits for my newborn baby to wear during the summer, as all three pieces are light and cozy. The quality fabric is soft and stretchy, great for not irritating your newborn’s soft, delicate skin. My daughter has spit up numerous times on these outfits, which has resulted in them already needing to be washed a handful of times. Despite having been run through the washer and dryer several times, the colors have not faded and the quality has kept in tact… these outfits look just as nice as the day I received them!

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Nautica Baby-Girls Newborn Bodysuits

nautica4Nautica is a brand that we all know and love, one that I have found to carry only stylish and high quality clothing. I have always been a big fan of their children clothing, but was not aware that they carried baby clothing. With a brand new baby I was more than happy to try out a couple of Nautica’s baby-girl newborn bodysuits, perfect for summer. My first impressions, upon receiving the bodysuits, was how soft and stretch they felt. There is nothing worse than a baby bodysuit that is stiff and uncomfortable and your little one will let you know for sure! I was also so incredibly pleased with the designs, the knot in the shape of a bow was just darling. I am also very particular about the ease of getting a bodysuit over my baby’s head and prefer ones that can be done with ease. I don’t want to cause my baby discomfort by trying to squeeze a shirt over her head, so I was very happy to see that these bodysuits were designed with my concerns in mind. They both have very large openings at the top that are easily hidden by the collar. These simple and elegant bodysuits are also very breathable and perfect for my daughter to wear when we are out and about on hot days. They will match perfectly with a pair of khakis or a jeans on a chillier day!

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