Let Your Tech Dreams Come True With Best Buy’s Free In-Home Consultation

Let Your Tech Dreams Come True With Best Buy's Free In-Home Consultation

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If you remember last month I posted about my tour of the Best Buy Tech Home and how I discovered all of the amazing new technology to make a modern home more convenient! Something else that I learned during my tour was that Best Buy now offers something pretty amazing. There is a group of dedicated In-Home Advisors that offer free consultations to get you started on your journey of making your home more tech savvy. I took advantage of the Best Buy free in-home consultation and met with a very passionate employee that shared an abundance of useful information. I can not wait to share with you everything I learned and what a great experience this consultation was.


Welcoming a stranger into your home is always an uncomfortable and sometimes awkward situation, but Best Buy Home advisors have been trained with that in mind! They arrive in a Best Buy in-home consultation vehicle, as well as full uniform and name tag. My in-home advisor was very friendly and had so much to share with me about the origins of this service and his many years watching it transform. I never for a moment felt like he was trying to push a sale, he actually just spent a lot of time telling me about the company and how excited the team is to form these close connections with families and help them achieve their goals for creating a modern home. They are truly thrilled to be your forever in-home advisor and work with you to figure out which smart technology is ideal for your family.

An In-Home Advisor is there to show you what’s possible and create a customized plan for home theater projects, faster Wi-Fi and more. Speaking of faster Wi-Fi, each advisor has an app on their phone that allows them to check the strength of your Wi-Fi, you can see an image of this down below. They will show you how to improve your Wi-Fi, identify dead spots, and create a secure network. Your advisor can also coordinate deliveries and installations and their services are always free.


I learned some really neat things about my house and ways they could accomplish a better home theater set up for our family. I had mentioned that we are currently looking to move and purchase a bigger home, so my advisor gave me tons of advice on ways we could set up a home theater that would be easy to relocate to our new home and leave us with very little patch work. I am really looking forward to taking the next steps because our family really enjoys time around the TV together and watching movies.

So what are some of the areas the an in-home advisor can help with? Let’s take a look!

4K TV and Home Theater: they can design an ideal entertainment space, including a 4K Ultra HD TV with surround-sound speakers or sound bar.

Smart Appliances: they’ll highlight the latest innovations in the appliance world, and show you what’s best for your kitchen.

Smart Cameras and Doorbells: Keep a close eye on your home and front door with smart technology.

Cut the Cord: they’ll show you how to leave cable and satellite TV behind, with new ways to get your entertainment.

Stream Music and Movies: listen to music around your home using wireless speakers and a mobile device, and stream video to all your devices.

Mount Your TV: create an ideal viewing experience and get more floor space when you mount your TV to a wall.

Smart Lighting: control your lighting remotely, save energy, and create custom colorized settings for sports, music and more.

Preparing for a New Kitchen: they can measure for the right-sized appliances, plus get you ready for delivery and installation.

Are you ready to take the next steps? Sign Up for your Free In-Home Consultation! No job is too big or too small. There are In-Home Advisors in the following metro areas:

  • San Antonio
  • Austin
  • Atlanta
  • Orlando

Let Your Tech Dreams Come True With Best Buy's Free In-Home Consultation