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Keekaroo Café Booster Seat Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Keekaroo for providing us with free products for our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!

Product Description

“The new café booster seat by Keekaroo is the hot item every parent will have to have this year. An exclusive design process manufactured in the USA makes this booster seat soft-to-the-touch. Made with a latex free seamless material, café boosters are the child booster seats that are guaranteed to be peel-resistant and tear-resistant. Not only are the baby seats resistant to tears and peels, they are also impermeable to fluids. Your children can sit in the café booster, spill food and drinks all day and the mess will remain on the surface. They have been tested by the messiest eaters. The café boosters are easy to clean, easy to use toddler booster seats that can be used with most dining room chairs. The café booster will keep your child sitting comfortably and safely with the skid resistant textured bottom and security straps, making it easy to use on any chair. The 3 point safety belt buckles your child in for a wild dinnertime ride. The café booster provides comfort for your child with the quality Keekaroo products boast. Please refer to the secondary images to measure and confirm that your dining room chair will fit the straps on the Café Booster.”


JPMA Certified
Easy to Clean
Peel and Tear Resistant
Environmentally Friendly
Unmatched Durability
High-Back Posture
High Side Walls
Non-Slip Texture on Bottom


My Review

We have had a great deal of difficulty trying to find a booster seat that can be used with our pub table. Little Mr. Frugal recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Keekaroo Café Booster Seat and he was so very pleased! He finally has a comfortable, safe, and secure booster seat that fits properly with our table set. This booster seat is simply perfect and by far the best we have ever had the pleasure of owning. One of the biggest issues we had with finding a good booster seat was that none of them would sit steadily on the leather cushion seat of the chair. The cafe booster seat’s skid resistant textured bottom allows it to stay in place, especially when my son climbs in and out of his seat. The best feature of this booster seat would have to be how easy and convenient it was designed for clean up. There is virtually no cleaning that needs to be done with this seat, a quick wipe down of the surface does the job. There are no crevices for crumbs to gather in and every drink and snack is resistant to the material in which the seat is made of. The cafe booster seat is also lightweight, making it the perfect seat to bring with you on the go, whether it be out to dinner or to the grandparents house.

The 3-point safety harness gives your the reassurance that your toddler is safe and secure in their seat.

This booster seat was designed to all it to work on a variety of chairs. As you can see the the photos below, we own a pub sized table with high standing chairs. The cafe booster seat adjusts just fine to the very large chair and the cushion material allows his legs to fit under the table while in the booster seat.

We are overall very satisfied with the cafe booster seat and grateful to have finally discovered one that can work with our dining room tale. Visit KeeKaroo today for all of your child’s booster/high chair needs! Don’t forget to follow Keekaroo on Facebook!


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57 thoughts on “Keekaroo Café Booster Seat Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. Thank you for sharing the review, it really does look like a comfortable booster seat and I am loving some of the other products offered by Keekaroo

  2. This would be perfect for my messy eating granddaughter!!! And I love how it has the 3 point safety belt buckles to keep her safe at all times. Thanks for this awesome review.

  3. This would be great for my daughter!!! We own the highchair. I love the 3 point safety belt buckles. Thanks for this review!

  4. I like that skid resistant bottom, keeps the child from sliding around on the chair. I like the high back, I think it is important for proper posture. And the five year warranty is a bonus. Thank You for sharing you review.

  5. This booster is perfect for my son. He is so short he can’t reach the table but seeing as he is almost 4 he won’t use a high chair.

  6. This seat is totally awesome! In my family we own a combined total of five of them (myself, my siblings, and of course some at Grandma’s)!! They are great to take when you travel, super light weight and easy to put on a new chair. Clean up is a breeze. And the colors are awesome!!!

  7. I am loving this booster! My big 16 month old son is outgrowing his current highchair, so this would be perfect! I love that it is manufactured in the USA, and that it has a 3 point harness to keep my little guy safely in his seat! I also love that it works with different chair styles, so we can take it with us on trips to Nana’s! The aqua is very cute!

  8. I love that these seats have a High-Back Posture and high side walls! It looks comfortable to sit in and I love the vibrant colors to choose from!

  9. I like that the sides are high and the booster can be used on any chair. With our smaller portable high chair for when baby was younger, it did not fit well on some chairs. Now that my daughter is older, this looks like the perfect fit!

  10. I absolutely love my Keekaroo high chair, so I’m sure this booster is just as wonderful. My favorite part of the chair is how super easy it is to clean and it’s not super big. The seat part is really comfy and soft, as I’m sure the booster is too.

  11. I love that it has a three point safety harness and that it fits on most chairs. It seems like this product is a bit different from others like it because it encompasses so many features and yet is so simple in design.

  12. I love that fact that the child has real protection, but has a measure of freedom and movement. I also like the design of this chair.

  13. i love the fact that they wont move once in place and the fun bright colors they come in!! These look so handy!!

  14. Nice. Love the colors, too. Probably much easier to convince a kid to sit in the booster seat if he actually likes it!

  15. Thank you for the review. I like the safety features, non skid bottom and the three point safety buckle. The fact that there is a nice variety of colors to choose from and that it is light weight just makes this booster a wonderful product to have.

  16. We have the Height Right Special Tomato chair, and I’m guessing from the sound/look of it, the booster is made of the same material as the cushions in our chair. These cushions are super comfy and very easy to clean. I can see how the booster would be even easier. I think it would be a great addition for us to use at our table for our littlest when he is big enough to use it. Our daughter (5) uses the Height Right chair for it’s support (foot and back support) due to her low tone. We’ve had it for about 2 years now and love it. I have high recommendations for Keekaroo b/c of this chair. Solid construction, looks great, cleans easily and easy to use.

  17. I LOVE that it’s so portable, peel and tear resistant, and has a non-slip texture on the bottom. Besides it being so stylish, it would comfort me to know that it’s so safe. I love finding a brand that I can trust will be safe for my child!

  18. Aside from the A+ they get for the functionality of this for the kids and parents, I also absolutely love the colors. They are so fun looking.

  19. This booster is PERFECT! I will definitely be looking into getting this boasted for my little man to transition him from his highchair into a big boy chair. I live the easy clean up aspect with no worry of crumbs being stuck in crevices…finally no having to take apart, vacuum, and scrub down! awesome!

  20. I have the keekaroo height right chair and peanut changer, no doubt the booster seat would be just as wonderful! Colors are amazing and so easy to clean!

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