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It’s Never Too Early For Your Child To Use Their Imagination!

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You would think with baby number four that I would be use to all of the milestones and growth when it comes to my baby… but it never ever gets old watching your baby discover and learn new things! Something my ten month old has really started picking up on lately is actually playing with her siblings. Peek-a-boo… hide and seek… mimicking sounds we make, dancing while we sing… all things that she picks up just by observing our behavior throughout the day. This age is so much fun and it has reminded me just how important it is to guide your child into using their imagination. She also enjoys playing in her teepee tent for kids room.

One of the most important reasons as to why imagination is so important is that it helps your child to understand the world around them. Imaginative play allows your child to express themselves verbally and physically, act, react and interact, and try out different roles and scenarios. 

It's Never Too Early For Your Child To Use Their Imagination!

Something that my daughter really enjoys is climbing inside of things, so we decided to get her this adorable and fun teepee tent for kids room! I purchased one of these for my six year old daughter when she was a toddler and she used it for years!There are so many fun and unique ways to personalize your child’s tent and make it their own. There are also an abundance of ways to encourage your child to use their imagination while playing with their tent. We also found that this was a great place to encourage our children to read. We would fill the tent with cozy pillows and blankets and they would cuddle up in there with a book and read for hours. There are even pockets on the inside of the tent for your child to store their books when not in use. 

It's Never Too Early For Your Child To Use Their Imagination!

The creators behind this tent state that  this was specifically designed to give your little ones a safe and fun place to let their imaginations run wild… and I could not agree more! I love how easy it it to transport from place to place. On a cooler day we bring it out on the back porch for some fresh air and fun (which isn’t an issue because the base is waterproof). We bring it back to the playroom when not outside, this is where the kids love to play imaginative games with their baby sister, or use the tent for a quite reading spot. My six year old has actually fallen asleep in this tent she was so cozy in it!

It's Never Too Early For Your Child To Use Their Imagination!

Wherever you decide to bring your tent and no matter what your child decides to use it for.. there is no doubt that this is a great tool for encouraging your child to use their imagination! We hope you ejoyed this post, please let me know in the comment section down below if you have a child that would love this tent and if so… what do you think they would use their tent for?

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