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How to Put a Toddler’s Hair in a Ponytail

How to Put a Toddler's Hair in a Ponytail

If your toddler is anything like mine… busy, on the go and no where patient enough to sit still for long and have me do her hair, then you have come to the right place! I can’t tell you how many times I have literally run along behind my toddler and attempted to put her hair up while running in circles around the house. Toddlers want to explore the world, they don’t want to endure a hairstyling session that may restrict their movements! I was able to get away with just letting my daughter’s hair be free, but eventually those bangs grew out and they were covering her eyes. I am not quite ready to bring her in for a haircut, so I decided it was time to find ways to successfully put my toddler’s hair in a ponytail!

The main ideas behind putting your toddler’s hair in a ponytail is speed and preparation. It is also very important to make hair time a regular part of your toddler’s schedule, this will really help her to adjust and cooperate. All you will need to get this adorable toddler ponytail is a soft hairbrush, small elastic rubber bands and a mirror or toy.

How to Put a Toddler's Hair in a Ponytail
Step 1: Look for your toddler’s natural hair growth pattern and plan to put her ponytail wherever her hair grows the thickest. This may be at the back of her head or on the top, in my daughter’s case her hair is very thick on the top of her head.

Step 2: Buy the right hair products for your little one. You will want to use a soft bristled baby hairbrush and the small elastic rubber bands. They come in so many different colors, I especially enjoy matching them with my daughter’s outfit.

Step 3: Place the brush and bands in the spot where you intend to work on your child’s hair. If she likes to run, work in a restricted area, like her bedroom or a bathroom.

Step 4: Put your toddler in your lap or sit together on a floor or couch. You will want to give her something new and fascinating to entertain her, like a hand mirror or toy. I have found that my daughter’s musical instruments are the best toys to play with while I am putter her hair up. If you have a really fussy toddler, you could always designate a very special toy that you only take out when doing her hair, that way she looks forward to it and is more likely to sit still.

Step 5: You are going to want to brush your toddler’s hair quickly with one hand and gather the hair together with your other hand. If her hair is in various stages of growth, only worry about gathering up the longest pieces of hair. Smooth out all of the bumps the best you can with the hair brush.

Step 6: Your final step is to wrap the elastic band three or four times around your toddler’s ponytail to secure it. That is it! Now your toddler’s hair is out of her face and she looks super adorable to boot.



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  1. What if your toddler refuses to let you put anything in her hair. I’ve tried anything and on the few times I’ve managed it she pulls it straight out – Help!

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