How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time ChaosThis is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Red Baron® pizza. The opinions and text are all mine.

Here in Georgia the kids have already been back to school for a month and this momma is already counting down the days until their first vacation! Between helping them get back in routine, keeping up with homework/studying and all their extra curricular activities and sports, those nights of perfectly planned dinners has slowly dwindled. Some days I feel as if I have spent so much time trying to stay above water, that the last thing I want to deal with is cooking and after dinner clean up. Some nights I just want to pop in a delicious and simple dinner so that I can spend time with my kids. I am so thrilled to share with you how I manage to conquer back to school dinner chaos and find some time to relax with my kids!

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

We are a major pizza loving family in this household, I honestly don’t think any of us could ever get tired of it. A brand that we can all agree on every time is Red Baron® pizza, they are always the perfect mealtime solution when life gets chaotic any time of the year! This is pizza that everyone in our family loves right to the last bite.

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

Having three kids with very different preferences means that they won’t always agree on the same type of pizza. Thankfully Red Baron® pizza has a variety of toppings to choose from and three crust types! You can never go wrong with Red Baron® Classic Crust, it’s not too thick and not too thin, with just the right amount of crunch. If you are looking for a lighter meal then definitely try the Red Baron® Thin & Crispy pizza, which has the most amazing flaky thin crust, topped with premium cheese and hearty toppings!

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

Then there is the Red Baron® Brick Oven pizza which contains a unique crispy, bubbly golden brown crust topped with premium cheeses, robust sauce and hearty toppings (YUM!) We recently found ourselves enjoying this mouthwatering pizza last week… this pizza could seriously pass as delivery… but we actually picked this incredible Red Baron® pizza up in the freezer aisle at Target!

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

I tell people all of the time that I am so use to eating meals cold because I am always so busy trying to get my kids fed. By the time I get one of my kids fed, someone has spilled their drink, and the other is complaining that they hate what I made for dinner. All while tripping over the dog, trying to clean up behind myself and reading all of the notes that came home from school.

There are some days that I have to stop and think for a moment… and try to recall if I remembered to actually eat dinner!

With Red Baron® pizza I never have to worry about that, I actually get to enjoy dinner with my kids while it is still hot! “Eat Your Pizza” is a patch that I wear proud along with my fellow mom the Baroness!

How I Conquer Back to School Dinner Time Chaos

You are probably asking yourself what the heck I am talking about. The Baroness is a mom that inspires me to conquer dinner time. She’s the ultimate #WingMama. Pizza enthusiast. Slayer of tantrums. And she wears those badges with pride!


She’s a mama who’s seen it all. From regulating screen time to hunting monsters, she has taken on just about everything her kids can throw her way – all with a ‘whatever works’ attitude. – She reminds other moms to celebrate the everyday chaos of mom life, rather than be ashamed or hide from it. But do you know what her toughest challenge? Mealtime! How does this supermom prepare a hot meal for picky eaters and still have time to enjoy it? Well that’s easy… she chooses Red Baron® pizza just like me! We both love how quickly this pizza allows us to turn mealtime into family time.

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