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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Night With Family

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Our entire family loves all things MARVEL and we own just about every single movie that has been released these past several years. The Iron Man and Hulk movies are among some of our top favorites and we watch them many times throughout the year. My four year old son is by far our biggest MARVEL fan and it’s not uncommon to hear him shout such things like “hulk smash!” This kid lives for super heroes and action movies, he just can’t get enough of it! We were all beyond excited when discovering the new Guardians of the Galaxy and even had a countdown on the calendar. My son would ask me each day “mama, how many more sleeps until we can go buy Guardians?” The 9th of December finally arrived and my son and I quickly rushed out the door that morning after getting my oldest off to school.  We had also planned to throw a special movie night that evening, which is always something the kids look forward to. So we decided Walmart would be the perfect place to find everything we need for supplies and knew they would have the Guardians of the Galaxy movies in stock.


Just last month we purchased a new smart TV and our movie experience has completely transformed, the images are absolutely amazing! With that being said, we immediately grabbed the Guardians of the Galaxy in Bluray because this was going to be an epic movie night for sure! Once you start watching movies in Bluray, there is no going back… every scene feels like you are actually there! With all of the action scenes in this movie and the futuristic setting, we were anxious to see how it would look on the new television. 


No family movie night is complete without a little memorabilia to go with it! My son’s favorite character from the movie was Star-Lord and he was thrilled to find him right in the toy section, alongside all of his favorite MARVEL characters. I was very delighted to see that there was quite a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise throughout the store, I kept finding something every time I turned a corner. Guardians of the Galaxy toys can be found throughout the toy department, in addition to where you will find the MARVEL toys. There were costumes on an end cap and even adorable little Rocket Raccoon plushies in the aisle with all of the toy cars.


After spending an hour getting everything we needed for our movie night, we headed home and got things set up for that evening. My son waited so patiently for his older sister and father to get home, my husband wasn’t home five seconds before being bombarded by excited children. Some chicken parmesan pizza, kettle corn and lemon water were all prepared in anticipation for our family movie night… the kids even got on pajamas for some extra coziness. These kids were literally glued to the screen, between the non stop action and funny characters in the movie, they never lost interest. I always joke with my husband because he gets put into a trance, just like the children, when there is a good movie on… you can’t get a single world out of them until it’s over. My littlest baby girl and I had fun serving snacks, drinks and pizza… she of course enjoyed rolling around the floor next to her older siblings. What a breathtaking moment it is to see your three beautiful children enjoying a movie night together and filling the room with laughter. Life can get so busy and we often feel likes every day is “go go go!” Taking a moment to just stop and let everything go… a moment to just enjoy each others company! I like to think that my children will look back at our family movie nights and remember how special and fun they were. Creating family traditions is something I am very passionate about, I want my kids to look back at these days and smile at what fun they had. We often think we need to spend a ton of money, go on an expensive vacation or create something extravagant for a family tradition. But when I look back at my own childhood memories and traditions, it’s the little things that I remember now. A family movie night can be memorable and something that allows your family to come together when life gets crazy. 


We hope you enjoyed discovering what a family movie night looks like at the Miss Frugal Mommy household! We have these at least once every two weeks and it has been especially great now that the colder moths have arrived!


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  I’ve shared one of my most favorite family traditions with you and I would love to hear about yours! Leave a comment sharing your family traditions.









2 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Night With Family

  1. I liked Guardians of the Galaxy better than The Avengers and am already looking to the third installment of The Avengers because it will go back to Guardians.

    Rarely do I find a movie that was worth seeing in the theaters that made me want to go back and see it again. I counted down until it came out on DVD. We ended up with a family movie night, too!

  2. We are big Marvel fans in my house as well. We threw a big party for just the three of us for Avengers and it looks like we’re going to be doing the same for Guardians as well! #client

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