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Glide Bikes: Mini Glider Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

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About Glide Bikes

“Glide bikes are small balance bikes that are built low to the ground and without pedals, chains, or gears. This eliminates the risk of crashes and injuries caused by chains and gears while giving your children less to think about while learning a new skill.  Eliminating the need to pedal allows your child to focus on how to balance without worrying about the footwork required to power a traditional bicycle. Of course, there are no training wheels either; kids won’t need them with our specially designed bikes which are perfect for young children or special needs children.  Glide Bikes are built low to the ground in order to easily allow children to place both feet on the road at any time.  This enables them to feel in control of their speed and balance; letting them focus on gliding instead of falling.  The child propels the bike by walking, and once they have built up some momentum, they lift their feet. This gives them the opportunity to practice steering and balancing without the distractions of using pedals and braking.  Glide Bikes are light and safe, weighing in at just 8-10 pounds and designed with our patented low speed downhill geometry of just 2 mph.  Riders as young as eighteen months can begin their bike riding adventures easily and safely with glide bikes.”

                   Ezee Glider                                            Mini Glider                                     Go Glider

Ezee GliderMini GliderGo Glider

Super Glider

Super Glider

 Our Review

 My fearless three year old was more than ready to start riding a bike this past summer. We tested out a few bikes with him, but none of them were to his liking. He is very short for his age so even when purchasing bikes designed for his age range, they were still too big for him. All summer long he would run outside, sit on his bike and extend those little legs to see if he was tall enough to reach the peddles. Well my poor little guy didn’t do much growing this summer and never was able to reach those peddles. This resulted in a whole lot of “scooting” around on his bike, just using his legs to bring the bike where he wanted to go. All his attention was so focused on trying to reach the peddles that he never really was able to actually learn how to ride it on his own. That is when we discovered the solution! Little Mr. Frugal recently had the opportunity to review the mini glider and he is absolutely in love with it! No longer must he worry about peddles and being able to reach them, all his attention can now be focused on balancing. The glide bike is also extremely light, allowing him to have a better handle of it and not having to worry about falling so hard. This bike is just the perfect size and weight to help him learn how to balance on the bike. We brought it outside in the driveway where there is a small little hill. My son proceeded to practice going down the hill with his legs out in the air. It was so fascinating to watch how he would lean or put a foot down when he felt he was going to fall over. His natural instinct to lean towards the proper side immediately took over as he no longer had so many other things to focus on. This is overall a fantastic bike to help children learn the basics of riding a bike without the worry of peddles and the heaviness of a full sized bike. I am looking forward to watching my son’s balancing ability increase and for him to have a stress free time learning to ride a bike!

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68 thoughts on “Glide Bikes: Mini Glider Review (2013 Holiday Gift Guide)

  1. I like it. I seems like it would be easy for the little ones to ride, just like the big kids. And while they are riding it, they are learning to balance so when they are big enough to go to a pedal bike, the transition will be easier.

  2. I love that these are built for children to help them learn to ride safely, without fear. The less crashes and falls, the less pain and boo boos and this means less bad memories. We don’t want them to be too scared to enjoy riding their bike! These really are excellent!

  3. this is the most awesome bike invention i have ever seen. My middle grandson is having a very hard time with balance on his regular bike and is scared of falling. this would build his confidence tremendously. I would love to be able to win this for him

  4. This would be perfect for my grandson who won’t pedal yet but still wants to ride a bike! I love the color options!

  5. After reading your review, I am strongly considering getting a bike for my son who is almost 5 and my daughter who will be 3 next summer. What a great, fun way for them to learn balance!

  6. I LOVE that the bikes have a “kick stand!!” My daughter has not tried out any type of bicycle as of yet, but I can definitely see the benefits of her learning without the pedals! They look like so much for kiddos and I love that she would be learning to balance on a bike! πŸ™‚

  7. The pictures are adorable. He must have been thrilled to finally ride his bike. πŸ™‚
    I love that these bikes are light weight and love the look of them too. My grandson would love this. No pedals gives them the security to control the situation I think. Thanks for the review.
    Carol L

  8. I love these bikes! I got my grandson one for his birthday and it was a big hit! Now I have to buy another one for his little sister. Money well spent!

  9. I love the concept of the glide bike. I really felt compassion for your son running out to his bike to see if he had grown tall enough to reach the pedals. I’m glad that there was a solution for him with the Glide Bike. I hope my granddaughter would have the same success with a Go Glider or mini Glider of her own.

  10. My daughter has dyspraxia. This makes it difficult to balance and any motor coordination. I love that it comes with a kickstand ,

  11. I love these bikes! They appear to be safer than the average bike. I like the thickness of the bikes and the good quality tires.

  12. We took the training wheels and pedals off a very small bike the summer her turned 3 and within a month he was riding a real two wheeler. Such a great idea and concept.

  13. I really like how the bikes are built. I would love to write an in length review once I can try it out. It looks safe though.

  14. I like how there are different sizes to suit different ages. I plan on starting my son early but I don’t think I learned to ride a bike till I was 7.

  15. So love the lil EZGlider . Looks like it would be perfect for my youngest Grandson to ride. He is 2, Looks like these bikes are very safe for kids as well!

  16. Wow! So many great features on these bikes to build confidence in the little ones learning! It looks and sounds like it’s built to last and will grow with the child! Love that feature! Thank you for such a in depth review and photo’s!

  17. I’ve been doing research into these for my little guy. He’s 18 months old and now I’m convinced he needs one for Christmas. Thanks for the review.

  18. I wish they had these when my big kids were little ! I have a 6 yr old scared to learn that would greatly benefit from the Super glider but I kind of wish I had gotten him a mini years ago

  19. This bike is a dream come true for many kids with special needs who are unable to handle a “normal” bike. I really want my son to experience the joy of riding a bike. Autism will not win!

  20. I think the concept of teaching them to ride this bike is so creative. I am sure it will then be so easy to progress to a pedal bike.

  21. I like these are low enough for the little ones to handle. They are much easier for them to balance the bikes and learn to ride much easier too. love them

  22. After reading the review, it excited me, thinking finally I may have found a bike my youngest son can actually ride! This seems like a great bike, I see one in his near future! πŸ™‚

  23. This sounds like a great bike. I can’t wait to tell my parents about these bikes. Maybe they’ll get them for their grand kids.

  24. I too have a 3 year old who is a bit on the short side as of yet. He really wants to ride a bike as my husband and I ride too. My husband says we need to wait to get him a bike until he learns how to pedal. I would love to try one of these based on the review. I could see my little man having a blast on one.

  25. I love that they are balanced. I have a 4 yr old granddaughter who is ready to ttart learning to ride. This looks like the bike for her.

  26. What an awesome concept! Wish they had these when my kids were learning how to ride. I would love it for my nephew for his 4th birhtday.

  27. these bikes would be great for the grand kids. they are unisex so it could be passed down to the next one. the design has a low seat which means a lower center of gravity.if your like me and have to have that last statement explained that means it is harder to tip over. part of the balance is aready there. therefore making it very easy to learn balance and to ride/glide the bike. i wish i would have had one when i was learn. there would have been less tears, fears and scars.

  28. I love the idea of a balance bike versus a bike with training wheels! I also like the features of the Glide Bikes over some of the others, like the foot pegs, brake, and kickstand. Cute little bike!

  29. Great Concept! Our little one has very little bike experience at 8 years old and I think this is a wonderful way to introduce her to the wonderful world of bicycling!

  30. I think these Glide bikes are wonderful! Especially for the little ones that might not get the whole peddling thing down. Our little guy is only 16 months, but I really would love to get him out on one of these bikes soon. I bet he would love it!

  31. These look so awesome! My daughter loves the colors and really wants one for Xmas! Gets the kids outside πŸ™‚

  32. Wish these were around when I was of that age! Perfect traing for the little one before they graduate to a regular bike

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