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For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

A special thanks to For Your Bug-A-Boo for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

About the Happy Wrap

“Wraps are great for baby wearing! Designed for today’s active parent, the Happy Wrap is stylish, comfortable, and fully adjustable leaving you free to get things done while enjoying the closeness of your baby. Happy Wraps are made from organic bamboo and non-toxic dyes. Bamboo is not only eco-friendly but is also naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, moisture wiching, insulating and provides UV protection At 4.5 meters long, the Happy Wrap is designed to be one size fits most so it can easily be worn by parents and caregivers of different sizes. Simply tie the knot at your back when wrapping.”

Benefits of using a Happy Wrap:

  • Lightweight and breathable – ideal for hot weather
  • Fully adjustable ensuring a perfect fit every time!
  •  Ergonomically supports your baby up to 30 lbs
  •  No buckles or rings that may break
  •  Allows for discreet nursing
  • Upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux
  •  Luxuriously soft
  • 4 way stretch for ultimate comfort
  • 100% Made in the USA

My Review

I was recently blessed with a amazingly beautiful baby girl that loves nothing more than to be held by her mama all day long. Knowing that this is my last child, I am trying to saver each and every moment with her, so holding her every minute of the day is fine with me. However, it can get quite tricky with a husband and two other children that depend on me to feed them, clean the house and care for them. As much as I would love to just stare into my newborn baby girls eyes all day every day and never put her down, that’s just not possible. I knew that the best solution to this situation would be to find a carrier so I could wear her with me when I need my arms.  Being a mother that practices attachment parenting, I really wanted something that kept her close to me. Regular carriers don’t allow me to keep her against my chest and have that important skin to skin contact, so I knew I wrap would be the ideal one for us! That is why I was so extremely delighted for the opportunity to review the Happy Wrap from For Your Bug-A-Boo. This is such a simple and comfortable wrap and is perfect for wearing around the house, at the grocery store, or out for a walk!

For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

 I have literally used this wrap almost every day since my daughter was born six weeks ago. I just love having her so close to me and not inside of a carrier, but right against my chest. That makes nursing her in the wrap a cinch and I can do things around the house or spend time with my two other children, as opposed to being stuck on the couch nursing. I tried several baby wearing shirts, but they ultimately did not hold her securely enough and I found that the Happy Wrap is significantly better! My daughter does not like the car seat… at all… so I will put the wrap on before leaving to run errands so I can easily stick her in it once we are at the store. People are constantly asking me, when we are out shopping, where I got that amazing wrap. I also have mothers stop me all the time and tell me they wish they had something like that when their baby was little. This is really an eye catcher when I am out and people are so intrigued by it, I think I have influenced quite a few parents to invest in a wrap during my shopping trips with baby, hehe!

For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

The best thing about the Happy Wrap has to be that my daughter is so happy and content while in it. She could be in the midst of an all out crying fit and the moment a place her in the wrap, she stops crying. I am also fond of how easy it is for me to spend time with my very active four year old son. Just yesterday I was able to play soccer in the backyard with him while baby Adeline slept soundly in the wrap. To me that is just so special knowing that I can make my two youngest children happy by giving them my full attention. This has been such a great wrap to have on hand and I can not stress enough that this truly is a must have item if you want to baby wear! This is one of the easiest wraps you will use and is so simple to adjust and fit to your figure and size. The fabric is so stretchy and breathable that you will be able to wear it no matter what the weather is outside.

Lastly… I just had to share this last photo with you! My mother lives out of state and I kept telling her that Adeline will stare at me the whole time she is awake and in the wrap. Every time I look down at her she is lovingly staring back up at me! So I tried to get a snap shot of this moment to share with my mom and I ended up getting (in my opinion) the perfect picture!

For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

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27 thoughts on “For Your Bug-A-Boo Happy Wrap Review

  1. Hi,
    I’m so glad to hear how much you love the wrap! When my son was a baby, we used a wrap too and found, just like you, that our son would quiet down as soon as he got inside! Your new baby is so adorable and I love that last photo of her looking up at you. I’m so happy for you!
    Cheri at For Your Bug-a-Boo

  2. I like that it can be used in warmer weather. It’s a big concern of mine! I’m always so scared of babies overheating.

  3. We had a sleepy wrap with baby #1 and it was kind of hard to figure out how to get it just right. This one is pretty cute though 🙂

  4. I like how it criss crosses in the back instead of wrapping in a circle. It seems like it would be more comfortable on my lower back than my Moby.

  5. I really like that its lightweight and breathable, its get very hot here and I can’t imagine wearing a thick carrier in this weather. I also love that it looks more comfortable that a carrier, and allows for nursing. Expecting my first and this would be great!

  6. I love baby wearing in general I have an ergo but I am in the market for a wrap I like that it is breathable in hot weather my baby is due in march I would be using it in the spring and summer

  7. I like that this is light weight. It can get so hot carrying baby. I also like that there are no belts or buckles.

  8. so glad to hear that it is truly breathable. I have 4 different carriers they are all totally unbearable to wear when it’s over 70 degrees.

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