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Encourage Healthy Snacking With The GREAT Kids Snack Box

A special thanks to GREAT Kids Snacks for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their service for free in exchange for an honest review!

Encourage Healthy Snacking With The GREAT Kids Snack Box (Week #1)

So we are starting a really exciting five week blog series with lots of first impressions! We were recently introduced to a fabulous subscription box service called GREAT Kids Snacks whom provides a monthly box filled with nutritious, healthy, all natural and organic snack products. I am a firm believer that making healthy choices starts at home and by raising my children to willingly choose healthy foods, they will continue to make those choices outside of the home. There is only so much “control” I can have over what my children choose to eat once they leave the house, especially when they are school aged. Getting kids excited and proud to make healthy choices is a major key to success. I often allow the children to choose new snacks at the grocery store, however we all know how pricey natural and organic snacks can be and I can’t always afford to try out a bunch of new products. Thankfully Great Kids Snacks has me covered with their monthly box which contains 30 organic & all-natural snacks. I recently sat my nine year old daughter Skye down for our first week of unboxing! She was able to try out a new snack each day of the week for five days in a row. Let’s check out the videos down below where you can witness honest first impressions of each product she tried out… here we go!

Day #1: Fuel For Me Fruit & Protein Pouch

Day #2: Pop Chips Barbecue Flavored

Day #3: Power Ice

Day #4: Justin’s Natural Almond Butter

  Day #5: Simply 7 Sea Salt Chips

 As you can see from the videos, Skye was absolutely thrilled about all five snacks she tried out this week! We have actually gone out and purchased more of the almond butter and it has been so delicious on toast and such. Skye also requested that I pick up another bag of the Simple 7 chips and we enjoyed those while at the lake the other day. It is so great hearing her request these healthy and natural snacks… and it is spectacular as a mother knowing my child is not choosing unhealthy alternatives. I look forward to sharing our next 5 products next week… stay tuned!

Encourage Healthy Snacking With The GREAT Kids Snack Box (Week #1)

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