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Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

A special thanks to Elonka Nichole Designs ltd.   for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

About Elonka Nichole Designs ltd.


All the beautiful creations from Elonka Nichole Designs are handcrafted in her facility in the Pacific Northwest and available in stores nationwide. “

Her design goal from the beginning has been to create quality pieces and research and source the best materials to offer customers high-end merchandise at affordable prices. Designing beyond the ordinary to extraordinary!  “

Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

My Review

Sweet little Adeline recently had the pleasure of reviewing the elegant and incredibly soft Original Mimi blanket by Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Soft would actually be an understatement, as this is by far one of the most snuggly and cuddlesome blankets I have yet to provide Miss Adeline with. The quality stitching and delicate fabric are extraordinary, this blanket was certainly designed with precision and care. I especially love how thin the blanket st, I was honestly expecting it to be much thicker and sadly something I wouldn’t be able to use until the colder months. However, I would say the blanket’s thickness is perfect and ideal for keeping baby warm when there is just a minor chill. Living in the south, we have central air that cools the house and it can get quite cool at times, so I have been using this blanket to keep Adeline warm during her naps. She isn’t too fond of being swaddled for naps and the Original Mimi provides a little weight and security when I drape it on her for a nap. After rocking her to sleep and setting her down in the boppy, she will squirm and get upset. But when I place this blanket on her, I can actually see her starting to calm down and doze back to sleep. The weight of this blanked it just perfect and provides her with so much comfort and happiness when she naps during the day.

Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

Additionally, the size of this blanket is very favorable… not too big yet not too small! This allows me to easily fold it up and fit it inside the diaper bag. I just know it’s going to be great once she is older and we are out for walks in the stroller. This blanket is also one that your baby will not outgrow in the first year and it will comfort them well into their toddler years. This is certainly a blanket that is going to last for many years, not becoming frayed or losing it’s integrity. There are so many unique and wonderful fabric choices to choose from, ones that are far more gorgeous than the traditional ones you see in stores. Even if you don’t see a color combination that you are in love with, Elonka Nichole Designs Ltd. will work with you to customize your blanket according to your style and color desire. Superior quality and excellent customer service… what more could you ask for?


Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

Overall I am highly impressed with not only the high quality craftsmanship and gorgeous fabric, but the fact that it provides such comfort for my sweet baby. Your baby spends a great deal of time sleeping during the first year and I could not think of a better blanket to offer them to sleep easier!

Elonka Nichole Designs ltd. Original Mimi Review

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  1. I would love an adult size in this blanket! It looks so soft and I love the print of this one too! What a great gift this would make…I can tell that this design blanket is high quality! I would love one for my son!

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