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Cuties Diapers: An Affordable, Comfortable & Leak Proof Option

This post is sponsored post written by me on behalf of PTPA via Cuties Diapers. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my very own.

Cuties Diapers: An Affordable, Comfortable & Leak Proof Option

I have always used disposable diapers with all three of my children, I love the convenience of just being able to throw I diaper away and not deal with any further cleaning. Realistically as a mother of three with a husband that travels frequently for work and family that lives on the opposite side of the country, I am left caring for the kids alone. Convenience is my best friend especially since I am the only one changing my baby girls diapers. I am also (as my name suggests) a frugal person that tries my best to save money where I can. Providing my daughter with quality diapers that are both comfortable and affordable is ideal, but not always easy to come across. I recently encountered a great brand of diapers that full under this category and I could not be more pleased with them!

Cuties Diapers: An Affordable, Comfortable & Leak Proof Option Cuties Diapers: An Affordable, Comfortable & Leak Proof Option

Cuties Diaper contain a  cottony soft outer cover, soft stretchable waist & side panel and excellent leakage protection. They also poses an extra soft inner liner with organic botanicals, vitamin E and aloe and are hypoallergenic. This is an extremely important feature to me because both my children and I have sensitive skin and rely on many hypoallergenic products. My baby girl is prone to irritated skin, we have encountered some diapers in the past that caused her skin discomfort… I am happy to report that Cuties Diapers is not on that list. These also have fun alphabet animal learning designs and each pack contains two different designs per pack. Something else I would like to note about these diapers is that they are not that cheap, plastic type diaper that you often find with diapers that are priced lower. They are really up there in quality with the more expensive brands, you would not suspect up examining them that they were priced so affordable!

Cuties Diapers: An Affordable, Comfortable & Leak Proof Option

Overall I have been very pleased with the Cuties Diapers! They fit perfectly to her body and stretch perfectly so mobility doesn’t cause irritation from the diapers. She is also able to sleep through the night without needing a diaper change, no leaking has occurred what so ever! I truly have no complaints when it comes to this brand of diapers and they are incredibly affordable. I would highly recommend you try them for yourself if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable brand of disposable diapers for your baby! They are available for an affordable price on amazon.

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