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Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Combi USA for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

 Product Description

“The Combi Catalyst is a versatile, modular stroller that can easily converts from a travel system to bassinet stroller or toddler stroller. With multiple seating configurations the Catalyst is adaptable to every travel need. The universal infant car seat adapter, is included, and compatible with the Combi Shuttle infant car seat, and other major brands, to create a travel system. The seating unit converts to a bassinet* that lays flat to provide a cozy sleeping area for infants starting at birth. In bassinet mode the seat quickly configures to a large, cushioned toddler seat that can be used for older infants and toddlers and provides three seating positions with an adjustable recline. The reversible, multi-function seat has a weight capacity of 50 lbs. and also features an adjustable, 5-point harness system and removable shoulder and buckle comfort pads. All-wheel suspension with front-lock swivel wheels absorb bumps and provide for a smooth ride. A single step brake pedal locks and unlocks both rear wheels. Parents will further appreciate the one-hand telescoping, comfort-grip handle, the over-sized canopy with ventilation window, and the extra-large storage basket that is easily accessible.”

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

With baby number three on the way, I have learned from much experience that it’s best to purchase a single stroller (that grows with your child) as opposed to purchasing individual ones for each stage. The Combi Catalyst is the ultimate stroller that will allow you to save time and money with one very simple purchase. The Catalyst comes with an infant car seat adapter system, which works with the Combi Shuttle Infant Car Seat and other major infant car seat brands. On a more casual day, you can use the Catalyst in the infant mode and let your baby sleep peacefully in the very comfortable bassinet. Once baby gains full head support and is sitting up with support, you have the option to place the stroller in a toddler recline mode. Once you have an active little toddler ready to get a full view of the world, you can adjust the stroller to the toddler upright mode. Additionally, the stroller is designed to work for children up to 50 lbs, meaning your child will be able to use it for many years.

Another feature I would like to point out is that this a very smooth riding stroller. The stroller moves with such a great amount of ease and the wheels never get caught. I am able to walk my bulldog on a harness while pushing this stroller. It can handle various types of terrains and will continue to ride smoothly. Going for walks with your baby is a great way to stay in shape, You can also check meticore reviews if you want to enhance your metabolism.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 The Combi Catalyst has the ideal infant setup that allows you to recline the seat into a flat position without compromising any of the under storage space. There is a very simple lever, near the top of the canopy, that lets you easily move it to the desired position. 

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

The 5-point harness is very simple to use and ultimately my favorite of all buckling systems. The extra shoulder padding makes it a comfy, cozy and secure ride for your child. I just love how the buckle can be tucked away into a pocket, this is something that my three year old son would have appreciated having in his stroller as a baby. The exposed buckle on him always caused him discomfort and therefore he refused to get buckled in his stroller. Once again, another great feature on the Catalyst that will ensure your child will feel comfortable while riding in it.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Having ample amount of storage (that is simple to access) is a very important feature to me. This soon to be family of five is going to accumulate quite a bit when we go out and I want to make sure the best stroller we have can easily carry it all.  As you can see from the image above, there is no storage issues with the Catalyst. I was amazed by how roomy it was and that I won’t disturb a sleeping baby if I need to get stuff out of the storage basket. 

I can not begin to tell you how many times I was the crazy lady, out in the parking lot, fighting with my child’s stroller in order to get it folded up. There just always seems to be a little flap or wheel in the way that won’t allow the stroller to fold and there you are trying to figure out what is causing it to stay open. Is it too much to ask for a stroller that possesses a simple folding mechanism? Apparently Combi was familiar with this issue because they have designed a stroller that can fold in literally one second. I was so excited and very relieved that there is such ease in folding the stroller!

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 The over sized canopy makes going for walks on a sunny day an ease for both mom and baby. Baby is completely protected from the sun, so there is no longer the need to drape blankets over the front of the stroller. There is also a very convenient window and all it takes is lifting the cover to peek in on your sleeping baby.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

To give you an idea of how long the Catalyst is going to last for you and your new baby, I have used my three year old son as my model. At three years old and thirty-seven pounds, my son still has quite a bit of growing to do before he reaches the weight limit. This is truly an amazing and versatile product, a very wise investment when it comes to baby gear. The amount of money alone that you are going to save on just having to purchase a single stroller will amaze you once you do some research. Overall I do not have a single complaint or negative word to udder about this stroller and I recommend it 100%.

  Additional Features:

  • 3-in-1 modular design for customized travel as a travel system, bassinet stroller or toddler stroller
  • One-hand telescoping handle with comfort grip
  • All-wheel suspension
  • Simple fold with automatic chassis lock
  • One-step, linked parking brake

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209 thoughts on “Combi Catalyst Stroller Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. This Combi Stroller is awesome. I love that it is convertible and can be used at different stages from infant to toddler. I must say this is quite a handsome stoller and I love all the features and it looks like it is very well made.

  2. Love this stroller! Love that it can be used for your baby right from the beginning to toddlerhood.

  3. I don’t think there is anything that I don’t like about the Combi Catalyst Stroller. My favorite feature was in your review and is the ease with which it folds down. I have been one of those “crazy ladies” who has her child seat-belted in the car while I am stuck in front of an open trunk trying to remember that I am a lady. I pray I will not let a stroller get me upset enough to say something I’ll regret later.

  4. I really like the extra shoulder padding that makes it a comfy, cozy and secure ride for the child and I love how easy it is to fold up!

  5. This stroller is just so cool and stylish looking ๐Ÿ™‚ it looks like it would store easily and save money on future strollers because it grows with your baby! It looks like a great deal!

  6. I just found out we are expecting our first- I would love to win this stroller. It looks awesome and it gets great reviews.

  7. As a first time parent it’s tough to weed through the surplus amount of baby products. Each brand will claim to be “the best” and list it’s features. Reading actual reviews with pictures and opinions is the best way I’ve found to make my decisions. I love this review!

  8. The oversized canopy is awesome! My current stroller is definitely lacking a large enough canopy to block the sun entirely.

  9. Love that it has a bassinet built in and you don’t have to worry where to put bassinet once you are done using it like some other high end strollers do. You don’t have to break your budget to have a stylish stroller. Love, love, love.

  10. I love that it can turn into a bassinet for when baby want’s to sleep. Super cute and looks really durable..

  11. Looks like an interesting stroller! Ill have to check it out upclose. The folding looks like it would great for a small car.

  12. I love the fact that it can be either a bassinet or upright stroller. I’ve been looking for a stroller that lays flat for my sleeping baby, because I hate watching those bobble head babies in their upright strollers they are too young for. This seems line a great product and I wise investment!

  13. Well, there are Hondas and there are Mercedes. This stroller looks like a Mercedes to me. The review was great because you told me what’s important about this stroller, rather than tell me that it comes in four pretty colors, lol. I think any parent would love to have this stroller.

  14. This looks like a very nice and convenient stroller to have. i absolutely love the bassinet option. The storage underneath is just an added bonus! who couldnt use more space under there! Awesome review! congrats on baby #3!!

  15. I love the design of this stroller with the big canopy and over sized storage compartment. It’s nice that it can be used for infants all the way up to toddlers. Would love to win this!

  16. I know nothing about strollers (ftm due this summer). This review was very helpful, thank you :0)

  17. I have been in love with this Stroller since It first came out! I love everything about it, how it can adjust to work with different ages, the over sized canopy so the sun doesn’t get in the minis eyes! Love this

  18. I’m loving that only one stroller can take a child from infancy to 50 lbs! Wish I had a stroller like this with my oldest!

  19. Thank you for all the photos, especially the ones w/that cutie pie b/c it’s a great visual on how roomy it is with an older child seated in this stroller.

  20. Man, I’m loving this stroller. My husband and I are expecting in June and I’m really not fond to car seats so I don’t want my baby in one any longer than they need to be. The bassinet stroller is something we both really want and this is one we really had our eye on. I love love love that it’s not just a bassinet, but can transform into a regular stroller. This review was so amazingly detailed- seeing the stroller in so many angles and positions with the pictures was great, especially with a toddler. Thanks for the review, very helpful.

  21. This stroller is incredibly versatile, is there anything it can’t do!? I would love this for baby number two!

  22. I love the fact that it can be either a bassinet or upright stroller my grandson is 3 months old so this would be amazing for him. I also like its light weight i have a bad right hand so this would be really helpful.

  23. This looks like a great stroller! I love how it grows with your child! Would be awesome for my baby girl due in May!

  24. Wow! This is some awesome stroller. I am too old to use this for any of my nieces or nephews, but that does not mean I will not be having any further generations to come. I would love to have this. It just about does it all doesn’t it?

  25. I love all the different options of how you can use this! I have always wanted a bassinet stroller but they’re so expensive and only a bassinet, this would be amazing to own not to mention how easy it is to handle!!

  26. i love how it has three positions to this stroller, and easy to move around, great review and thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  27. I generally like Combi products, I really like seeing a modular stroller like this at a somewhat less expensive price

  28. i absolutely adore this stroller! love the combi products and appreciate the good quality products they make. i especially like the 3-in-1 modular design for customized travel as a travel system, bassinet stroller or toddler stroller – love that it can convert from infant to toddler and grow with your child. my first is coming in a month and this would be so great to have!

  29. I love-love-LOVE This stroller! It’s so functional in so many ways. I hope I win this for for my little one

  30. This stroller is so cool! I wish that I had had something this nice when my daughter was born. Hopefully for the next one, I will!

  31. I LOVE that this stroller fits car seats, and has a bassinet. It really looks like the whole package. I especially like that there is all wheel suspension. Perfect!

  32. I love how this is truly the only stroller that a mother will need. I never liked the awkward stroller/car seat combo strollers. They are always so bulky in themselves, and you never quite feel like an infant would be comfortable in one. This stroller is amazing, and it reminds me of the old time prams. Elegance with a modern touch. Beautiful photos by the way.

  33. I would love this! this would help me out for my next child so much! i hope I can win this! Thank you !

  34. I love that the car seat is so versatile! It can grow with many kids — hopefully it will work for the one in my belly!

  35. I love how the stroller can be used for car seats and how durable it still is even when the child is growing. Makes it less work for the parent to go and constantly look for a new stroller to fit her child. Hopefully I can win this for my first baby.

  36. This looks amazing! So versatile. Would love this for my daughter-I think it would grow with her well!

  37. With baby #3 on the way as well, I love how easy this seems to use, transition, and maneuver. “One hand” and “one step” anything is definitely the way to go. Looks very comfy too!

  38. I’m in love with this stroller. We have an older model of the combi stroller and I love the handling and so easy to fold up and put away. I would love to have this one. I like that this also goes up to 37 pounds. Love this stroller.

  39. I love how easy that looks to fold. My old high end double stroller from six years ago was always trying to take off my fingers. We’re excitedly expecting number 3 come the fall, and this stroller sure would be a great blessing. Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. Love this stroller! I have an almost 3 year old and a 4.5 month old…fighting with a stroller is just not an option anymore!

  41. I love the versatility of this stroller! It’s stylish, spacious and very solid which means it can be used for more little kiddos in the future! I totally would love it!!!!

  42. I love the 5 point harness system with padded straps so babies stay safely in their stroller. I also appreciate the 3 different positions of the Combi Catalyst for infants, toddlers reclining and toddlers upright. There is so much to love about this stroller.

  43. I love the 5 pt harness. Our stroller doesnt have that and it is irritating! So classy, it looks great!

  44. I love the over-sized canopy and how easy it is to fold. This will definitely be on our list of strollers to look into!

  45. This is a very unique stroller. i would love to have this. its cute too! i hope i can win it! *fingers crossed*

  46. I really like how versatile this is and how easy it looks to change position, along with ease of folding to store it. Really an awesome looking stroller!

  47. I am so beyond in love with stroller, everything from the storage, different positions, and the attractive design. I would love to win this for baby #3 who is due in October!

  48. Would love to win this for one of 2 friends – one that just had their baby and another expecting in the next month and a half.

  49. As someone with an infant who is growing like a weed, the two toddler positions look like they’ll be a big help. And it doesn’t look as cumbersome as other strollers with extra features for bigger children. Thanks!

  50. Oh gosh, I am expecting in July and have yet to find a stroller that I adore. This one is absolutely beautiful. It’s something my soon to be infant can definitely grow into!

  51. I primarily wear my son, but I seriously need a stroller! The combi seems like the perfect fit for my family ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. I love the oversize canopy and that the weight limit is 50 lbs. This seems like a great stroller that will last from birth to when they don’t need it anymore.

  53. LOL fighting with the stroller in the parking lot is me also!!! I am only 5 feet so anything that is remotely bigger than me gives me problems. This stroller seems very unique in which you can use it from infant up to 50lbs while also using it as a travel system. Some companies you have to buy expensive car seats to go with their expensive stroller so I like it that you can use it with most major/known companies.

  54. This stroller has a lot of great features we could really use. The toddler recline looks awesom!

  55. Need a stroller for my crazy toddler. She would love something to rest in during the summer at festivals!

  56. I love that this stroller is so versatile and grows with baby,doesn’t change the fact it is way out of my league but it is AWESOME! (and most likely worth every penny). Love that it has an “infant mode” (my infants usually end up walking in my arms) and my toddlers- preschoolers have only ever had umbrella strollers (its what /I could afford) This stroller looks amazing! Sounds like you like the oversized canopy as much as I do…I also like that it has a 5 pt harness

  57. I LOVE that it’s all terrain (we live in the desert, but often travel)and folds quickly. Those are two very important features to me in a stroller.

  58. I would love to have this! My favorite feature is that this goes from infant to toddler position easily. I also love the amount of storage this has!

  59. I love my combi cocorro car seat, and they also have great customer service. I’m really excited that they’ve come up with a modular stroller. I love these features, your review speaks of the quality I’ve come to expect.

  60. I love the different uses for this stroller with the bassinet all the way to the full seated up position. This looks like a very functional stroller that would be awesome to have.

  61. I love the infant mode of this stroller. It is so important for the little one to be able to sleep peacfully during the walk and the infant mode is the best for relaxing !

  62. I am in love with this stroller. I love all the features but my favorites are the 3-in-1 modular design and the Simple fold with automatic chassis lock. Thank you for your review.

  63. This Combi Catalyst stroller looks so easy to push and fold up. I like that the child can lay down in the bed too it’s a great feature.

  64. What an awesome stroller, I love the infant setting! I would definitely love this stroller for my baby!

  65. This stroller is absolutely amazing. I just can’t believe all the different travel carriers it turns into. And it grows with the baby. My daughter is 5 month pregnant and I would love to give this to her. She would flip for this stroller!

  66. I love this stroller! I love everything it offers. I like that it can turn into a bassinet.

  67. I just want to thank you for such a great review. My husband and I are about a week away for being approved for fostering some kiddos and are starting to look at strollers and car seat, I was pleased to see how versatile the Catalyst is! Thanks!

  68. I am expecting my first baby this summer and I would love to win this particular stroller for a couple different reasons. I love that the stroller is so versatile. It can be used for all the stages of the first couple of years. I also love that it seems to be easy to fold! Awesome product!

  69. I love the versatility of this stroller and think it would be perfect for baby number 3 (due in August) because of the ease it operates with. Already having 2 kiddos the easier to operate the better!

  70. Great stroller and very practical. I would recommend this to my many friends who are pregnant

  71. I love how easy this looks to use! And how LONG you would get use out of it because it can be used in so many different ways!

  72. This is an amazing stroller! I love how it can lay flat for a baby or even a sleeping toddler, yet still recline for when they want to look around. It also looks easy to fold, and when it’s folded it looks nice and compact. That’s perfect for us with 4 kids and limited trunk storage!

  73. I love that it has a five point harness instead of just a lap belt. I also love that ithas an Iinfant position and a toddler position. this happens to be one of my favorite style of stroller.

  74. I love the storage and that is it easy to fold flat. Those are a must when caring for a little one while having two older kids in tow.

  75. This sounds awesome because it can be used for so long per child! What a worthy investment, I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. This looks like a great Stroller for both infants and toddlers. I love that it has the bassinet feature. This would be great to use for my little grandchildren!

  77. this looks great for my newbie. i have a combi double stroller and i just have to say this brand is amazing!!!

  78. This looks like an excellent stroller. The 5-point harness system and removable shoulder and buckle comfort pads make it even better. Thanks for the review!

  79. Trying to decide on a stroller for our first child due in October and reviews really help me get a real world idea. Thank you!

  80. I love the fact that there is plenty of room and the material they use to build this is very strong. love the harness and color, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ @tisonlyme143

  81. I love combi products and this stroller looks awesome, I love that it is convertible and grows with your child!


  83. This is such a nice stroller. I really like the bassinet feature and that the stroller grows with baby. Also like the extra large storage basket!

  84. Love this it would work for baby number three and be the only one I need to get through the first 5 years.

  85. I really need this stroller! I love the versatility and storage! Is there an infant car seat bar in case you want to keep baby in car seat?

    1. Yes there is! You can take the seat part right out of this stroller frame and click your car seat into it ๐Ÿ™‚ The combi website includes a list of all of the car seat models that work with the stroller.

  86. This stroller is so cute. I love that it grows with your child and the simple fold with automatic chassis lock.

  87. I love how versatile this stroller is and how easy it is to store away. Very nice design. Love the padding too.

  88. I love the sleep design of the stroller and the shape of the seat. My husband and I just recently found out that we are expecting and this stroller is definitely going on the list!

  89. I love everything about this stroller, but especially how it can be used through all stages. That is very important and a great deal for a parent. Love how it folds easily for storage.

  90. I love strollers that grow with your child! This one looks awesome! Bonus that the storage is nice and large!

  91. Great photo’s , love the style and color combo, what I really like is how sturdy this stroller is and know that if my grandchild was to fall asleep , I know I can lay her down with ease.. Thanks @tisonlyme143

  92. All of the features sound great. I especially love how it folds and can be put away. I love the wheel features too. Sounds like a great growing stroller which I love to!!

  93. I love how the Combi Catalyst Stroller folds easily and compactly so that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

  94. I like that this is a stroller that will work at every stage of your child: from infant to 50lb child. And not only that, but it folds down easily and what woman doesn’t want lots and lots of storage places. Love the Combi!

  95. The versatility of the Combi Catalyst Stroller is so great for the transition from baby to toddler!

  96. Love the single step brake pedal and that it can be used with infants. We are in the market for two of these

  97. I love that this stroller can be used from birth with the bassinet. I also appreciate that it has an adapter that will fit most infant car seats. Very nice!

  98. This Is Such An Awmazing Stroller With So Much Functionality & So Many Features. I Would Be Ecstatic To Own One Of My Own….Love It!!

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