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Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Review

A special thanks to International Playthings LLC for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Review

Product Description

“Calico Critter Families love to relax and unwind at the beautiful Lakeside Lodge. With so many entertaining and exciting features, the fun never ends! Includes sun deck & hot tub, hot tub cover with shower head & knobs, 2 hammocks, ladder, 3 hot tub railings, and 5 balcony railing. Critters and accessories not included.”

 Our Review

My children are very fond of the Calico Critters toys and have recently had the opportunity to review (in my opinion) one of their greatest play sets. The Calico Critter’s Lakeside Lodge is a high quality toy set that provides hours of fun for your child. This product comes already assembled and all that is required from you and your child is to add on the accessories. What I especially love about the Lakeside Lodge is that its great for both boys and girls and can be a great toy for a large age group. Not only does my seven year old daughter find herself intrigued with this adorable critter set, but so does my three year old son. We have owned a variety of different play house type toys over the years and I have to say that this one is by far my favorite. I know my children both agree because the Lakeside Lodge is not one of those toys that collects dust!

 Here are some images of the inside of the Lakeside Lodge, as well as the outside where there is a hot tub for the critters to relax in. All doors and attached pieces are easy, even for the littlest hands, to maneuver.

Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Review

 Here is my three year old son playing so contently as he places the callico critters inside the Lakeside Lodge. He truly enjoys putting all the pieces in their place and recreating a living area for the critters.

Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Review

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48 thoughts on “Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Review

  1. These are wonderful. Love the lakeside lodge and I know my granddaughter would love it too.

  2. Aww these are so adorable!! I know my 18 month old daughter plus my oldest boys & girls would love taking turns playing with the Calico Critters and rearranging the pieces in the lodge!! Thank you!

  3. Oh this is really neat! I like that it is a dollhouse that could be for boys or girls. I think my boys would like it because of the little animals.

  4. These Calico Critters are so cute especially they have a lodge to live in the kids would love playing with them too.

  5. I love these toys and the lodge is extremely cute! I love all the details & leads to lots of play. ty 🙂

  6. The Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge is really nice. I love that it can be for a girl as well as a boy.

  7. These little Calico Critters are so cute, I like that you can pick the type of family animal that you want, I think that this Lakeside Cottage is cute and would help a child use their imagination to stay in the house with the furniture that moves around and of all things a cool hot tub. thank you for sharing this information

  8. These are some great toys. I know my grandson would have hours of fin building and playing. There’s all kinds of things inside the cabins. This is a great prize to win.

  9. Calico critters is so cute, we only have the little bike with side cart and the two critters but daughter is crazy about them, We will def be getting her more in the future. 🙂

  10. This looks like a wonderful toy! Little imaginations could play for hours with this beautiful lodge and their Little Critters. Looks nicely built and lots of space for the toys!

  11. This is so cute. My girls love playing with things like this. I love all of the animal families.

  12. These are some of my favorite toys! Every time I see them on display at Toys R Us, I feel drawn to the aisle like a child. I know my daughter would love to have more. She has only two cats (a bride & groom) and a little car. I wish we owned all of them.

  13. We see these things all the time at Target and my kids always ask for them. We’ve gotten the mouse family for my younger daughter because I call her Mouse. She loves them! I have not given in to one of the playsets, yet. I’m getting close, though! Thanks for the honest review!

  14. These make me smile from ear to ear, Now days you dont see toys the way you did when I was growing up, and that wasnt long ago, but these ones always meant so much more.. Now you have Pokemon, and stuff like that, its just not the same.. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face, Ill have to check these out for my soon to be little one, he is going to have a Peter Rabbit theme!

  15. Oh…my goodness…my grandchildren would give them plenty of play….Miss Frugal Mommy to discover more

  16. This Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge looks like it will provide a great place for all the critters to play. We have tons of real critters around here that we are very fond of so this would be a great miniature set for them to play with and use there imagination.

  17. I just found on their website they have a tree house that would look good and add more fun to the lakeside lodge. So if you wanted to expand your could add that set and probably a few more. This is really nice.

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