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Building Healthy Eating Habits Early

Building Healthy Eating Habits Early

I am a firm believer that healthy eating habits start early and that children will grow up to make good choices if you instill those traits in them at a young age. Providing them with the best options from day one is essential and that is why I believe Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formulas is a brand all new parents should trust! Did you know that that Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formulas are now all Non-GMO and are not made with genetically engineered ingredients. Gerber® Good Start® Infant Formulas has made this change in order to meet the evolving preferences of formula using parents. How great is it to know that your baby will be receiving the best possible bottle at every meal time and they will grow into strong and healthy toddlers. Once your little one finds an interest in finger foods, it is important to keep a few things in mind… let’s go over those now!

Building Healthy Eating Habits Early

When people ask me how I am able to get my three kids to eat so healthy, I tell them it’s simple… only give them healthy options! My counters contain fruit bowls full of bananas, apples, clementines, avocados and whatever else is in season. The first two shelves of the refrigerator contain cartons of blueberries, strawberries, celery and more. The pantry isn’t filled with junk, but healthy and beneficial snack options. Because of this my children are use to these healthy food options and they are now the norm. When we go to birthday parties or special events, they choose the good stuff over cupcakes and sweets… without any pressure from me! Make sure to praise your children for their good choices, this is so important. Also ensure that you provide your littlest child with age appropriate treats, that way you don’t have to worry about choking. It is as simple as that my friends, building healthy eating habits doesn’t have to be difficult, just make the choice to eat healthy as a family.

Building Healthy Eating Habits Early

From the moment your baby is born you want nothing but the best for them, that is why Gerber decided to make all of their Good Start® formulas without the use of genetically engineered ingredients. They are basically a partner in helping you raise a happy and healthy child and a applaud them for continuing to evolve their products to meet the needs of both mom and baby. Whether you are a mother that is supplementing with breast milk, a mom with babies who need a soy formula, or someone who has a baby with tolerance issues, Gerber has the exact formula for each preference. I would love if you would leave a comment down below letting me know your thoughts toward the Non-GMO initiative, as well as your own #formulaforhappiness tips and tricks.

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