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Body After Baby: The Motherload Maternity Support Band Review

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Body After Baby: The Motherload Maternity Support Band Review

About The Motherload Maternity Support Band

“Designed with the ideal balance of support and comfort, The Motherload™ maternity support relieves lower back pain, pelvic strain, and postural changes during your months of pregnancy. Anatomically designed with fit and function in mind, The Motherload™ provides optimal support in the lower back, hips, abdomen, and pelvis to relieve the stress and discomfort caused by weight gain, center of gravity shifts, and posture changes, helping you prepare for childbirth and motherhood in comfort!”


  • Breathable EVA molded back panel and front support

  • Adjustable independent tension support straps
  • Anatomical Design for functionality and comfort
  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • 12” of adjustability to accommodate growth

Body After Baby: The Motherload Maternity Support Band Review

 My Review

I have to admit that I have briefly heard the words “belly band” uttered amongst pregnant woman over the years, but it was never really something I looked into (nor did I have a full understanding of what it was exactly.) I managed to get through two pregnancies without ever using one and am so regretting not looking into a belly band during those times. Now that I am 6 months into my third pregnancy I am noticing a significant difference with using one this time around.

As mentioned before, I had no prior knowledge or experience with a belly band and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. What I can tell you is that I am a short and petite person that grows eight pound babies and it’s not easy on my back. I had just recently been getting horrible back pains and shortness of breath when my Body After Baby belly band arrived and was anxious to see what it could do to alleviate that. he belly band comes in two separate pieces so that you may custom fit it to your growing belly. The velcrow make it easy to readjust until it fits just right for your comfort level. I noticed an immediate difference in my posture once the belly band was on, which relieves a lot of the back back. The pressure and support on my stomach is such a great feeling, it really helps me to feel more comfortable when standing for long periods of time. I feel like I can not live without my belly band now and am lost when I accidentally leave the house without it! Additionally, you can wear this with practically any outfit and it goes unnoticed. After talking to several other moms that have used belly bands, their main concern was how theirs was to thick and bulky. That is not the case with the Motherload, its thin a slick features allows you the freedom of wearing it without everyone noticing.

Afetr using this for a few months, I must say that the difference (compared to my first two pregnancies) is quite remarkable and I am so thankful to have discovered the Motherload Maternity Support Band and am looking forward to its benefits for the next few months.

Body After Baby: The Motherload Maternity Support Band Review


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